Updated info on Rosey’s trusted coupon fairies!

As you all know I’ve had a heck of a time keeping an honest coupon insert supplier for the past few years.  We all love KC Coupon Clippers who I have been recommending for about 1 year now and I know you all love her too (according to the feedback some of you have sent to me.)  KC Coupon Clippers is a gem!  You can find her info here or at the bottom of each nightly newsletter.  Her banner is there for all to see.  KC Coupon clippers is the cheapest around for cut coupons.  Most charge a percentage but KC Coupon Clippers charges .08 per coupon and offers 1% back in points to use toward future orders.  No one offers these great advantages but KC Coupon Clippers.

Clipped Coupons!



I always try to find an honest and trustworthy insert supplier for you guys who has multiple regions (coupon values vary from region to region) and the highest value coupons that are out there.  I do my research before I recommend anyone (I check out references) as it’s my reputation on the line and I do not want to see anyone get ripped off. As many of you know coupon values vary greatly from region to region so I did my research and found Melissa at “Couponing Is A Hot Mess!” who has coupon inserts from the regions that get the HIGEST coupon values.  Don’t let the name fool you (Coupoing Is A Hot Mess).  Melissa has excellent references and will get you the best possible full inserts out there.  She also offers specials from time to time so join her (Facebook group here) to see the weekly specials and weekly preview of the coupons coming out. Be sure to tell her Rosey sent you she will take special care of you.  Once you join the Facebook group you will have access to communicate with Melissa and order what you need.

Make sure to tell Melissa that Rosey sent you.  It’s you password to get into the group!

If you are using any other supplier please consider Melissa.  I will no longer be able to vouch for past coupon suppliers.  These two are the only ones I can honestly vouch for at this time.


Whole Inserts



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Do you need a coupon fairy?

We are experiencing technical difficulties with the link to KC Coupon Clippers in the nightly newsletter and are waiting for technical support from Mailpoet.

In the meantime you can contact them directly through the link below (click on the banner.)

This is the only “cut coupon” supplier that I recommend.


Disclosure:  Coupons are free, you are paying for my time to sort, cut and buy the bulk newspapers to fill your orders.

Free Wet N Wild at CVS starting 2/5/17!

Starting this coming Sunday, 2/5/17 you can score eleven (11) free Wet N Wild products at your local CVS.  Now not all CVS stores carry the Wet N Wild line, only a few in my area do so make sure you find out before making the trip.

Spend $10.00 get $5.00 in Extra Care Bucks!

You will need the new Wet N Wild coupons coming out this Sunday (2/5) in the Smart Source insert in order to do this deal.

Buy a total of eleven (11) products @ .99 each.  Prices vary from region to region so I won’t list specific items to do this deal.  As long as you can gather 11 item @ .99 each this will work.

11 x .99 = $10.89 + applicable tax

Use (8) assorted Wet N Wild coupons (no more than 4 of each which is what I am being told is on the coupon, a limit of 4 per coupon this is something new on coupons lately.)

So you would need to use for example (4) Wet N Wild $1/1 Eye Product coupons, (4) Any Wet N Wild Product .50/1 = (-6.00) from your total of $10.89 + tax

Paying approximately $4.89 at the register + applicable tax.

After transaction you will get a $5.00 Extra Care Buck making them free and a little towards your tax.

LIMIT 3 OFFERS so you can do this deal 3 times if you have the coupons.  Check with KC Coupon Clippers to see if you can order them in advance.  She is my only approved coupon supplier.

Just remember to do the transactions separately or you will wind up with one large Extra Care Bucks which is difficult to spend at one time for some people.