Ergo Kangaroo Pro Standing Desk Converter Review

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The medical community has come together recently and stated that sitting long periods of time (as I do) can cause an array of dangerous medical conditions. Conditions such as type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, heart disease and early death.  The Mayo Clinic has published an article stating all the possible medical conditions (some very dangerous) that can occur from sitting long periods of time.  I urge you all to read this article here.

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Atkins Easy Peasy Meal Plan Summary!

Today I sat down to make this short video for you all so that you can see my progress with Atkins after one week.  I did lose 5 pounds which I am thrilled about.  I’ve gone ahead and ordered 2 more weeks of the Easy Peasy Meal Plan and if you are struggling to lose weight I suggest you give one of the Atkins delivery plans a try.  Nothing could be easier.

Checkout my video summary below.


Atkins and Chef’d partner to bring you fresh meal delivery!

If you haven’t checked out Atkins and Chef’d meal plans yet you are missing out.  Tonight my husband and I had the wonderful Bacon Wrapped Filet Chef’d meal.  It was delicious and I would eat this once a week you would get no complaints from me.  This was part of the Chef’d delivery meal plan.  Chef’d has partnered with Atkins to deliver all the fresh ingredients you need to make an Atkins approved meal.  Since there is little or no prep time (it’s all done for you) the meal was on the table in less than an hour.  The products will be delivered to you via 2-day shipping on dry ice. They are meant to be cooked as soon as possible because they are all fresh ingredients including meat and vegetables.

Here is a video I prepared for you to see what exactly comes in a Chef’d meal and how easy it was to prepare.

Check out all the Chef’d meals available for delivery at – enjoy!



Atkins Easy Peasy Meal Play Day #7

Today is day 7 on my Atkins Easy Peasy Meal Plan.  I will get on the scale tomorrow morning to see how much weight I have lost.  I have already ordered my next two weeks worth of meals so that I can continue on my weight loss journey.  This has to be the easiest diet I have ever been on, no meal preparations, not dirtying dishes, pots and pans, just microwave and eat.

Tomorrow I will also be showing what came in the “Chef’d” fresh meal that was included in my plan.  Chef’d is fresh ingredients that are put together in a package and shipping directly to your door for you to cook and eat.  It does take a bit longer to prepare than the frozen meals but some people prefer to cook with fresh ingredients.

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Atkins Easy Peasy Meal Plan Day #6

Good Morning All – today is day #6 on my Atkins Easy Peasy meal plan.  Atkins will now ship directly to your house 7 days worth of breakfast, lunch and dinner for one low price.  I am loving the convenience of having everything ready prepared and microwaveable.

I have one more day before I get on the scale but I can tell you all I know I have lost weight as my belly does not seem as bloated.

Stay tuned for more info on the Easy Peasy Meal Plan or go to and see all the plans available.

Atkins Easy Peasy Meal Plan Day #5

Today is day #5 on the Atkins diet plan.  This selection for today’s lunch is part of their delivery Easy Peasy meal plan.  Each meal takes about 5 minutes to prepare. Just pop it in the microwave no prep needed and just sit and eat.

Take advantage of this great discount code that Atkins has made available for a short time.  Use code 10OFFKITS at the checkout for a 10% discount.

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Atkins Easy Peasy Meal Plan Day #4

Today is day #4 on the Atkins diet plan.  I’m using their delivery Easy Peasy meal plan to stay on the straight and narrow for my diet and it just could not be easier.  Each meal takes about 5 minutes to prepare which is a blessing.  No meal prep just microwave and sit and eat.

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