Copper Chef Pan and Accessories Review!

copperchef6pieceI have to admit (like with any of the products I review) I do my research and read previous buyer’s reviews. There are some not so favorable reviews about this product out there but honestly after reading the majority of them I think it is a case of buyers remorse. Most of these bad reviews were complaining about the price and how they felt the pan was not worth the selling price. I have to disagree.

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Rootflage Temporary Root Touch-Up Powder Review and Giveaway!




Have you ever woken up to find your roots are two inches long and you don’t have the time or the money to color your hair?  It seems like this happens quite often to many women I have spoken to on the subject.  Friends and I laugh about how our hair looks fine one day and the next day we are in dire need of a touch up. Panic sets in because it always seems to happen when you have an important appointment outside the house. We can get away with it by staying in the house with our two inch roots but you don’t have to anymore.  Rootflage to the rescue.

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Shoe Slotz Review and Demonstration!


I am the shoe and handbag queen (at least that is what my husband calls me). I must have 100 pairs of shoes/sandals/boots and the number continues to grow each year. My house was built over forty years ago and the closets are very small.  We have added a large wall to wall closet in our basement but that’s still not enough for all my shoes, boots, sandals and handbags.  I came across this product that increased my shoe space instantly with very little investment.

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Nonni’s Biscotti new flavor Turtle Pecan – give them a try!


Nonni’s Biscotti has been a staple snack in our house for many years.  As a child my husband and I experienced our mom’s baking biscotti every holiday season. To find a product like Nonni’s that taste very similar to the ones we were accustom to is very rare.  Nonni’s is the only one we have found that is very similar to our mom’s home baked.

Nonni’s Biscotti come in lot’s of yummy flavors and are available at your local food market right on the shelf.  No need to bake from scratch when you can buy Nonni’s.

Along with their original biscotti flavor, Nonni’s has these delicious flavors available for you to enjoy:  Cioccoliate, Dark Chocolate Almond, Limone, Toffee Almond, Triple Chocolate, Salted Caramel and the newest (above) Turtle Pecan.  We have purchased them all and continue to do so because they are all delicious.

I love to have them with my coffee.  My husband likes to snack on them alone.  However you choose to enjoy Nonni’s Biscotti are a delicious snack to serve your family or when company comes calling.  Individually wrapped for convenience, put them in a lunchbox or take them for a mid-morning snack at work.  Any way you enjoy them you won’t be disappointed.

Not sure where to purchase Nonni’s Biscotti – check their website for more details and locations here!

Look for a cents off coupon for Nonni’s products in the 3/20/16 Smart Source insert.


Zyliss Swiss Innovation Knife Review and Giveaway!

Zyliss Swiss Innovation Utility Knifezylissknife


In my 40 years of marriage I have gone through a lot of knives.  Some were great others were not so great and wind up in the trash can.  My husband is a big fan of butchers grade steel knives but they are very expensive and tend to get black with age.

A few years ago I found a small Zyliss paring knife at a local store and decided to give it a try.  I really didn’t know much about the company but I took to the internet to do some research after I got home and realized the companies products had excellent reviews.  Today I own several Zyliss knives in all shapes and sizes.  I love them all.  They are well made and stay sharp for years.

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Sweet Organic Box Review and Giveaway!



I love these monthly subscription boxes.  It’s like getting a surprise gift each month and the anticipation is exciting.  I had the pleasure of reviewing one called Sweet Organic Box recently.  As you can see by the photo it was jammed packed with organic goodies from candy to coffee.  Something to temp the taste buds of everyone in your household.  This is their “Easter Box” I received.  I am certain anyone on your Easter list would love to receive this amazing subscription box.

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Kleen Freak Deluxe Pet Shower Bundle Review

I had been asking my husband to find me something that we could attach to the faucet (like a mini shower) so that giving Gucci a bath wouldn’t turn out to be a major floor soaking.  Poor Gucci is not a fan of the bath but this product made it so much easier as she was squirming to get out of the tub. Normally, we just stick her in the laundry tub and pour water over her but this product gave us the ability to shower her with a nice controlled stream of water.  I  was even able to do it by myself (normally it takes two or three of us to give her a bath). I can’t tell you I wasn’t totally soaked – from Gucci trying to escape – after it was all done but Gucci smelled terrific!Continue reading