Free Cereal Deal starts 5/21/17 + FREE Movie Ticket!

This deal does not start until Sunday 5/21 but it’s a great one.  You can get 7 boxes of Kellogg’s cereals for FREE + a slight money maker if you have the coupons listed below.

Buy a total of 7 boxes of Kellogg’s cereals (the ones in the ad only)

Remember Shoprite has a coupon policy of 4 alike coupons per shopping trip so you will have to buy different cereals.

Buy any combination of 7 (Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Rice Crispies) and use the printable coupons found at the Kellogg’s site link is below.

You should come out in the end paying $3.93 and get back a $5.00 Catalina Coupon to use for another shopping trip.

I have a $5.00 Catalina from last week so this is a win-win for me.  I’ll be donating the cereal to a local charity.

Buy (7) Kellogg’s Cereals @ 1.99 each = 13.93
Use (6) of the coupons below in any combination (remember you can only do 4 alike of any)
.50 double x 6 = (-6.00) = 7.93
Use (1) $3/5.00 Kellogg’s Cereal Shoprite ecoupon (found on their website under “coupons” and attach it to your Price Plus card) (-3.00) = $4.93
Get back at $5.00 Catalina = $.07 Money Maker

Coupons can be found at the Kellogg’s site.  You have to establish an account to be able to print the coupons you will need for this deal.

Go to  for the printable coupons you will need to do this deal.  You can print (2) of each you will need.

BONUS – this deal just got better.  Use your receipt to get a FREE yes FREE Movie Ticket.  All the details are here!

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  1. This is such a great deal, but unfortunately, I do not have any Shoprite stores located any where near me.

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