Holiday 2013 Give Away!

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Holiday Give Away!
(Retail Value $209.00)

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The Gift Basket Contains The Following Products:


(1)  Set of Zoya (6) “Cashmeres” Nail Color Collection (Retail Value $48.00)

(1)  Set of (6) Jessica “Glitzy Effects” Nail Color Collection (Retail Value $40.50)

(1)  Sally Hansen Gel Manicure Kit (Retail Value $64.99)

(1)  set of Pedicure Moisture Socks (Retail Value $12.00)

(1)  set of Dashing Diva Nail Bliss Metallic Press On Nails (Retail Value $6.99)

(1)  set of Dashing Diva Nail Bliss Nail Appliqués  (Retail Value $4.99)

(1)  Bottle of Cuccio Forte Body Butter (Retail Value $11.00)

(2)  Packages of Revlon Nail Files (Retail Value $1.99 each)

(1)  Revlon Nail Buffer (Retail Value $3.99)

(1)  Revlon Nail Clipper with Catcher (Retail Value $3.99)

(1)  Set of Soft Touch Toe Separators (Retail Value$1.99)

(1)  Pair of Pedicure Slippers (Retail Value$1.99)

(1)  Package of Spa Fizz Tablets for soaking! (Retail Value$1.99)

(1) Reusable/Sanitizable Foot File (Retail Value $4.99)

These are all high end nail products that I use as a licensed manicurist.  They are the best of the best! 


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