My 10 Favorite Tried and True Nail Products – you will love them too!

Rosey’s top 10 favorite nail products!

You don’t have to be a licensed professional to purchase and or use these products.  Over the years I have tried hundreds of products and in my professional opinion these are the best for me and my clients.  Today many companies give access to the public to purchase their products through their web stores even if you are not a licensed professional.

You may have your favorites but don’t get caught up in the hype of many that mass promote their products.  Some lesser known companies like Cuccio make some of the best nail products on the market today.


  1. Cuccio Forte Nail Strengthener – My absolute all time favorite product – Cuccio Forte Nail Strengthener!  I love love love this product and cannot say enough great things about it.  You can read what some of my customers and clients say about this “miracle in a bottle” product here.  This product will improve the health of your nails in as little as 2 weeks time.  However I tell my customers and clients it can take up to 6 months for a full nail growth (from the cuticle to the free edge) so if you don’t see an immediate improvement you will just give it some time. You will be amazed at how your nails will get healthier and stronger using this product.  You can buy this product direct from me here.


  1. Seche Vite Gel Top Coat – this product out of all the top coats on the market today is by far my favorite. It lasts longer than other top coats and it dries incredible fast leaving your nails with a high gloss shine.  Even though it is a gel product you DO NOT need a UV light to cure this.  It drys quickly.  If you cannot find this product just contact me and I will purchase it and have it shipped directly to you.


  1. Cuccio Forte Lite Body Butter Moisturizers – this product is amazing. Not only will it moisturize your hands and body it dries to a powder consistence.  Yes I’m not joking.  I absolutely hate (and I mean hate) that feeling of slimy lotion on my body.  For this reason I neglected my hands and feet and I suffered for it for years.  Until I found this line from Cuccio I refused to put lotion anywhere on my body.  My clients and customers who try this product are hooked immediately like I was.  You have never felt anything like this before.  The product is top quality and will do the same amazing job (if not better) of moisturizing as the greasy stuff you are using now. It comes in several scents and they are not over powering. If you cannot find this product just contact me and I will purchase it and have it shipped directly to you.

  1. Tweezerman Cuticle Nippers – When I graduated from Cosmetology school I wanted only the best of the best in tools to use on my clients. I soon found out that the most expensive implements are not always the best at least in my opinion.  One day I left my implements at home and was in a panic so I ran to the local drug store to pick up what I need for work that day.  All they had were “Tweezerman” cuticle nippers and at least than $20 I thought I would give them a try.  Since that day they have been my cuticle nippers of choice.  Not only are the very reasonably priced but the company will sharpen them free of charge for as long as you won them.  Professionals charge up to $15 to sharpen scissors and cuticle nippers in the cosmetology industry.  Buying a pair of Tweezerman cuticle nippers is a great choice for home use.  You can find them in most drug stores, at places like ULTA Beauty or on line at


  1. Nail Polish – my preferences in brands has really never wavered. However that being said everyone’s body chemistry is different and you have to use what works best for you. I personally do not like OPI, Essie, China Glaze or drugstore brands because they do not last on my nails.  I do prefer a professional brand like Duri, Zoya or Jessica as they wear the best on my particular nails.  Yes body chemistry can affect the way a polish adheres to your nails and that can very much affect the amount of time you will get a chip-free manicure.


  1. No Light Cure Gels – there are so many gel products on the market today that no longer require a LED light to cure them. Some are wonderful and others were not up to my standards.  My favorite at this time is the new line from Duri called Durilaq.  See my product review here and you will be convinced that this product is amazing.  At this time it only comes in 8 color choices but I know that they will be expanding this line shortly with the success they will have with it.


  1. Revelon Nail Files – okay you are probably saying “a nail file is a nail file” but that’s not exactly true. Some nail files are specifically made with a rougher grade sand paper for acrylic nails and others are much softer for natural nails.  I have natural nails and I do like some of the professional grade nail files but I don’t feel it is necessary to pay $3 for a nail file when you can get 2 files in one package from Revlon (available at any drug store or on for about half the price.  Pick up a package today you will love them.


  1. Matte Finish Top Coat – matte finish polishes seem to be the latest rage. I have always like the look for an occasional manicure but you can turn any polish that you currently have into a “matte” finish with a matte finish top coat such as the one Zoya makes.  Actually any will do I don’t actually have a preference as I don’t use the product that often unless I have a male customer who asks for a top coat on his manicured nails.


  1. CND (Creative) Solar Nail Speed Spray Creative makes a line of professional manicure/pedicure products but you can purchase them through some on line stores without a license. I love Creative’s Solar Nail Speed Spray.  It works well to dry your polish quickly and has an amazing cherry scent unlike some of the others on the market that have a “chemical” smell.  If you cannot find this product just contact me and I will purchase it and have it shipped directly to you.


  1. Be Natural Callas Eliminator –  Be Natural make a callas remover that is safe and very effective. I use it personally and on my clients for years.  The product is reasonably priced and lasts a long time.  Store it in a cool dry place heat can affect any product.  You can purchase this product from


I am a licensed manicurist in the state of New Jersey with an up to date current license.



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  1. The body butter sounds very interesting. MY husband HATES the feel of lotion. He begs me not to use it. I’ll have to look into that 🙂

    • Amanda that product can only be purchased by a professional if you need me to order it for you just let me know it’s amazing.

  2. Never really been that good with keeping my fingernails done. I have only had them done by a professional once in my life. Thanks for the info on how to do them.

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