Atkins Delivery Meals – come follow my weight loss journey!

As most of you know I have had a rough few years with my health.  The combination of medications and sedentary lifestyle (due to these medical issues) has lead me to pack on 40 extra pounds. Now I know you are screeching in horror over reading this so can you imagine how I feel?  Never in my 60 years have I ever had to watch what I ate.  I could pretty much eat whatever I wanted in moderation and not gain weight.  I am 5 feet 7 inches tall so I have been blessed with height, which as been my only saving grace with this added weight.  I don’t feel good in general carrying this extra 40 pounds around and my self-esteem is not very good as well.  I’m sure many of you can appreciate how I feel as you are going though the same thing – weight gain.  People want to tell me it’s your age, nonsense, were does it say you have to gain 40 pounds after a certain age?

Time is my biggest obstacle.  Losing weight is a full time job and do not let anyone tell you differently.  If you work it’s difficult to find time to prepare “diet” meals.  Something has to suffer if you are going to take hours out of your day or week to prepare food so that you can stay on the straight and narrow. It is imperative for you to have prepared food available in case you get that urge to eat something convenient but not on the diet plan.

I was familiar with the Atkins diet.  My husband was on this diet plan years ago and had great success with losing the amount of weight he desired. However that being said I was in the kitchen all day long preparing meals for him to eat his Atkins breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  I just don’t have the time now to do this anymore. So I wanted to find a diet plan that would give me the convenience of prepared meals that didn’t taste like cardboard or were loaded with so much fiber (which many are that is what keeps you full the bulk fiber) that I needed to stay near a bathroom all day long. My responsibilities with my blog keep me as busy or even busier than a full time job. My weekends are filled with cleaning, laundry and spending some qualify time with my family. I just don’t have the time necessary to prepare food for a diet and that is why I chose the new Atkins delivery meal plan for my weight loss journey.

For the next week I will be making daily blog posts in the form of a video or written post to let you all know how my weight loss journey is going.  I really hope you will tune in and cheer me on. After careful consideration of many diet plan options I am certain I will do very well with the Atkins plans.  You should check them out as it could be something that will work for you as well. Atkins has made it so easy and convenience with the Atkins Easy Peasy Meal Kits and Atkins/Chef’d Home Delivery both which will come right to your door.  I don’t know about you but just the fact that someone else is going to do the calorie counting, measuring, preparing my meals and snacks, is a blessing in itself.  Compared to the other prepared food diet plans that deliver the Atkins plans are a much better value in my opinion.  Check them out for yourself and you will agree Atkins is the way to go.

Get your free yes free Atkins Quick Start Kit just for asking.  It includes a free quick start guide, cents off coupons and some free samples of Atkins snacks.


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  1. This diet has been around for years. It must work if people are continuing to buy. I personally have never been on a diet program.

  2. Atkins meals look so amazing and the kind of foods that I really like. I haven’t heard a lot on how their foods taste and I am looking forward to your reviews on them. I hope they taste as good as they look.

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