BEWARE – IRS Phone Scam!

Consumer expert Clark Howard warns about a new IRS Phone Scam going on now.

First off the IRS won’t call you if you owe them money, it’s not how they operate.  If you owe the IRS money you will get a certified letter from them not a call.

Clark warns about these potential area codes and things to remember if you do get a call from one of these scammers.

The scammers will often use caller ID spoofing to make their number show up as “IRS,” but that’s not always the case. I have actually gotten calls on my cell and landline where they disguise the caller ID name as someone in my family.

  • 202: Washington, D.C.
  • 512: Austin, Texas
  • 214 & 972: Dallas
  • 312: Chicago
  • 410: Baltimore
  • 210: San Antonio, Texas
  • 213: Los Angeles
  • 405: Oklahoma City
  • 212 & 917: New York City
  • 305: Miami

Here’s a tip from money expert Clark Howard: Never answer phone calls from anyone you don’t know! If it’s a family member or friend trying to reach you, they can leave a voicemail and you’ll call them back.

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