Blue Apron Meal Delivery Review & Contest!

As busy working Mom’s and Dad’s we are always looking for a way to cut down on our meal time cooking and preparation so when I heard about Blue Apron I thought this sounds like a wonderful solution.

Blue Apron is a fresh meal (uncooked) delivery service that puts together meals for you and your family and ships them directly to your door – shipping is always free.  All you have to do is cook and serve them.  They take all the guess work out of meal planning and send you exactly what you need to prepare a nightly meal for your family.  No more running to the market after work in a panic, everything you need to prepare your meal is included.  Each box contains all the fresh ingredients including meat, fish or poultry, all the veggies you need, the fresh herbs and spices,  sauces, whatever is necessary to prepare that particular meal.  They even have a vegetarian meal plan for those who prefer a vegetarian diet.  What could be easier?

Open the box of meals from Blue Apron that comes directly to your home in dry ice and marvel over the wonderful fresh ingredients straight from artisanal purveyors.  Blue Apron takes pride in using only the freshest ingredients from local farmers with an emphasis on sustainable practices.

Your box will also include beautiful color 8 x 10 recipe cards for each meal you order so that there is no guessing – it’s all right there for you so just follow along and your meal will be ready in approximately 35 minutes. 

So you’re thinking “This must be a fortune!” – actually you are incorrect.  Blue Apron meals, which include all the items I described above, run from $9.99 per person per meal – you cannot even eat at a fast food restaurant for $10 per person today.  Here you are getting fresh wholesome food to serve your family. I’m not even sure you could duplicate everything that comes in the box for that price if you tried doing so by purchasing the ingredients in your local super market.  

So you’re a working Mom or Dad and you won’t be home when your Blue Apron box is delivered – don’t panic, the food is carefully packaged in a refrigerated box (dry ice) that will last until you get home.  

Want to skip a week or two – no problem.  There is no contract to sign and you can stop delivery at any time but I’m positive you won’t want to when you see what comes in your Blue Apron box.  

I cannot stress enough how much I love Blue Apron especially for a working Mom like me.  Yes I know I may not leave the home to go out to work but maintaining my blog and Facebook page are a 10+ hour day for me so any help I can get preparing meals I’m all for it.  

Sign up today at  Blue Apron You can pick the 2, 4 or 6 person meal plan per week!  Each plan comes with 3 complete meals for 3 days/nights.  If you are a 2-person family signing up for the 6 person plan would give you enough for meals form more nights of food.

Click the video link at the top of the page and see my box of goodies from Blue Apron!

Excited about Blue Apron well the kind folks at Blue Apron have offered to give one lucky Rosey The Coupon Coach follower a FREE one-time 3 day 2 person meal delivery to try their wonderful service. Be sure to read the contest rules before entering.  You don’t want to be disqualified for not following the rules.


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