Cheap or free salon services – you can get them too!


Not many people know that most cosmetology schools offer free or very inexpensive services through their clinics.  I know because I attended cosmetology school and this was part of my training working in the clinic for the last six weeks of my schooling.

After a student has banked the required number of hours (that varies by state and occupation) they are permitted to work on the public.  However, because they are not fully licensed (they have a permit that is issued by the state in which they are practicing) they cannot charge full price for a service.

Each student is closely monitored by a licensed cosmetologist or teacher while your services is performed.  The student is never permitted to perform any service before the consultation with the teacher.

You can get a manicure, pedicure, facial, waxing, massage, hair cut, hair coloring and any other service at a deep discounted price that the school offers.

Many schools are constantly looking for “models” to try new services on.  You will receive anything from a massage to a hair color for free for agreeing to be a student’s model.  Now keep in mind you must sign a waver as the school and student will not be responsible if you are not satisfied with the result but my experience has always been a positive one.

Not sure where the closest cosmetology school is located – Google is your best friend.  Just type in something like “Cosmetology schools in Philadelphia, PA” and see what comes up in your area.  Call the school to make sure that they have a “clinic” and ask for the hours of operation.  You can even ask for some prices while you have them on the phone.

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