American Express is hiring for work-at-home positions!

As you all know I am very particular about what I post on my blog.  I have verified this so you if you are looking for a part-time from home position by all means apply.

There’s a 14-week paid training course that you’ll also complete from your home.

American Express will pick up the connection cost and monthly fees for dedicated telephone and internet service, which is a requirement for this position.

American Express Application

Credit Freeze – a small price for peace of mind!

I want to recommend this wonderful book by Clark Howard the consumer advice guru that I think everyone should read.  The book is called Clark Howard’s Living Large in Lean Times: 250+ Ways to Buy Smarter, Spend Smarter, and Save Money.  It is packed with money saving tips and suggestions on anything from how to get a discount on prescription drugs to student loans.

My absolute favorite tip is as follows:  Credit Freeze!

With the recent Equifax breach (that is much more involved than they reported – see Money Talk’s report here ) freezing your credit history is the best advice anyone can give you.  I froze our credit years ago.

You can freeze your credit reports with each of the three major credit reporting agencies (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion) to safeguard them from fraud.

Crooks are getting smarter and smarter each day.  The latest scheme (which send chills down my spine) is “House Stealing” see this article written by the FBI on how easy it is for them to take control of your home – click here!

Clark’s answer to this and other nightmare identity theft schemes is to “Freeze your credit” for as little as $0 to $30 depending on your state!  That’s a small price (per bureau) for piece of mind, this is a one-time charge.  Victims of prior identity theft and seniors can usually get this for free. This gives you the opportunity to create a “pin” that only you know therefore safeguarding your credit and identity.  When you wish to open a new line of credit, apply for a credit card or car loan, etc., you just contact the credit bureau and un-freeze your account.

I thought this was a wonderful idea and I’m going to do this immediately especially my Social Security number is floating around to several of my affiliate partners.  This made my husband very uncomfortable.  I suggest you all do the same.  It’s a small investment to keep your identity safe.  It would cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to undue the damage from identity theft.  I know lawyers who fell victim and they damage not only cost them to rectify it took them years to get out from under the damage.

Buy Clark’s book and read all the great tips he recommends.

Typosquatting – the latest scam! Be informed!

Typosquatting – do you know what that is?  

I had no clue until I saw something on the nightly news.

Typosquatting is when you accidentally type in the wrong URL for a well known website and it takes you to a scammers site.

These sites look almost exactly like the website you are trying to reach but there’s nothing legitimate about them.

They are there for one thing only – to get your credit card info and wreak havoc with it before you even know it has happened.

Clark Howard explains how to be aware of this latest scam!


Postal Rates Increase on January 21st

Now do you really think they won’t “approve” the increase? Wouldn’t be so bad if they did a decent job. Sorry, that’s how I feel about the postal service; I’ve had nothing but bad luck over the years.

The United States Postal Service filed notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) today of price changes to take effect Jan. 21, 2018. The new prices, if approved, include a one cent increase in the price of a First-Class Mail Forever stamp from 49 cents to 50 cents.

Postcard stamps and metered letters would also have a one cent increase. Today’s filing does not include any price change for single-piece letters being mailed to international destinations or for additional ounces for letters.

The proposed prices would raise Mailing Services product prices approximately 1.9 percent, and most Shipping Services products will average a 3.9 percent price increase. While Mailing Services price increases are limited based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI), Shipping Services prices are adjusted strategically, according to market conditions and the need to maintain affordable services for customers.

The proposed Mailing Services price changes include:




Letters (1 oz.)

49 cents

50 cents

Letters additional ounces

21 cents

21 cents

Letters (metered)

46 cents

47 cents

Outbound International Letters (1 oz.)



Domestic Postcards

34 cents

35 cents


The new Shipping Services product prices would increase Priority Mail 3.9 percent and Priority Mail Retail an average of 0.8 percent. As in the past, the Postal Service will not include any surcharges for fuel, residential delivery, or regular Saturday delivery.

The proposed domestic Priority Mail Flat Rate Retail price changes are:




Small Flat Rate Box



Medium Flat Rate Box



Large Flat Rate Box



APO/FPO Large Flat Rate Box



Regular Flat Rate Envelope



Legal Flat Rate Envelope



Padded Flat Rate Envelope





Time to change your Smoke Alarm/Carbon Monoxide Detector?

When was the last time you changed your Smoke Alarm or Carbon Monoxide Detector? Well if you can’t recall then it’s time for a new one.

Experts recommend that you replace your Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Detectors approximately every 5-7 years.

We just purchased the one below; it’s a combination unit. I found this brand to be the best rated and the price is excellent.

Keep your family safe make sure to change your batteries each year (we do it on January 1st, some use a birthday to remember) and test them frequently to make sure they are working properly.