Don’t go without your prescription Medications there is help available!

These days, it can be difficult for some of us to afford medications. Especially now with the current pandemic situation.

If you’re struggling with this yourself, PLEASE don’t go without it!

There are several actions you can take to help you get the medications you need.

Speak with your doctor about the situation – don’t be embarrassed.  Doctor’s can often times supply you with sample packs of medication you might be taking.

Most of the major drug companies offer medication assistance. Ask your doctor to help you apply.

And lastly get help from the Partnership for Prescription Assistance Program.

10 Companies Hiring for Virtual Jobs (May 2020)

This is an excerpt from Clark Howard’s recent article entitled “10 Companies Hiring for Work-From-Home Jobs Right Now.”

If you meet the qualifications and are currently out of work or looking for a part-time or full-time position I suggest you check out the list below.

These are legitimate jobs thoroughly checked out by Clark and his team.


10 Companies Hiring for Work-From-Home Jobs Right Now

1. Aetna

Recent work-from-home jobs at Aetna:

  • Dental Network Recruiter
  • Behavioral Health Medical Director
  • Senior Health Concierge

2. Amazon

Recent remote jobs at Amazon:

  • Senior Information Architect, Content
  • Senior Accommodation Consultant
  • Senior Cloud Technical Account Manager

3. Anthem

Recent work-from-home jobs at Anthem:

  • Clinical Quality Program Administrator
  • Outreach Specialist
  • Audit and Reimbursement III

4. Cisco

Recent remote jobs at Cisco:

  • Platform Engineer – Software Asset Management IT
  • Senior Incident Response Commander
  • Senior Product Marketing Manager

5. Citrix

Recent work-from-home jobs at Citrix:

  • Manager, Cloud Core Engineering – Reliability
  • Lead Networking Sales Engineer
  • Senior Technical Account Manager

6. CrowdStrike

Recent remote jobs at CrowdStrike:

  • Senior UX Designer
  • Senior Data Engineer
  • Senior Cloud Security Product Marketer

7. DocuSign

Recent work-from-home jobs at DocuSign:

  • Supportability Manager
  • Senior, Technical Customer Support Manager
  • Senior Engagement Manager, Enterprise

8. Humana

Recent remote jobs at Humana:

  • Medical Assistant – PIPC
  • Data and Reporting Professional 2
  • Senior Business Improvement Professional

9. Independence University

Recent work-from-home jobs at Independence University:

  • Admissions Consultant
  • Career Services Advisor
  • Advisor, Students


Recent remote jobs at IQVIA:

  • Project Management Analyst – Virtual Trials
  • Associate Director, Biostatistics – Gastroenterology
  • Senior Safety Project Lead

The Food Temperature Danger Zone


It’s pretty easy to avoid eating spoiled food. If the funky smell doesn’t warn you off, the weird color probably will.

Harmful bacteria such as salmonella and E. coli are a different story, though. When these baddies contaminate food, they do so without any physical signs, smells or tastes whatsoever. We need to rely on other methods to avoid getting sick.
Like killing the little beasties — which is really not that hard to do. Temperatures hotter than 165°F kill most bacteria within a few seconds. But to do the job, it’s a food’s internal temperature that has to reach 165°F, not just the outside. And with the exception of poultry, cooking meats or vegetables to that degree renders them all but inedible.

Battling Bacteria

Fortunately, we have size on our side. Bacteria are reallysmall, and it takes quite a lot of them to make us sick. So rather than killing them, and ruining our food in the process, we merely have to stop them from multiplying — or at least slow them down — so that there’s never enough of them to do us any harm. We do that by controlling the food’s temperature during every stage of storage and preparation.

Keep Cold Food Cold, Keep Hot Food Hot

Bacteria won’t multiply in the colder temperatures of a refrigerator or freezer, or at temperatures hotter than 141°F. Where they thrive is between 41°F and 140°F, a region known as the “Food Temperature Danger Zone.”
To substantially reduce your chances of contracting, or passing along, a food-borne illness, make sure that your perishable foods never spend more than an hour in the Food Temperature Danger Zone. Here are some basic food handling techniques to help you do just that.
And here’s a table showing the key temperatures of the Food Temperature Danger Zone.

Here are some recommendations from the USDA —-> Here

Need some extra money? Find out about Market Research Firms in your area.


Most people are unaware that they can make extra money doing round table discussions, product reviews, etc., for local market research firms in their area.  I am fortunate to have one right in my town so I don’t have to travel very far to make some extra money.  Over the years I have been paid as much as $300 for one round table discussion and as little as $50 to test a product.  It’s worth looking into.  I have never had any success with the on-line type firms but if you can find an actual Market Research Firm in your area it’s worth a call.

Look up “Market Research Firms” in your town or state.  Call them and ask if they accept applications for participants in “focus groups” and if so ask to be placed on their list.  They will ask you some personal questions like your age, your spouses age, if you have children, do you have any food allergies, things of that sort so that they can accurately place you in upcoming campaigns.  Clients who request these round table discussions are very specific to the research firm on what demographic they are looking to target so do not be offended by some of the questions they will ask.

Once you have registered with the research firm you will start to get calls about upcoming campaigns.

My husband was paid $300 one year for a 2-hour round table discussion on pool chemicals.  I have done everything from taste testing new varieties of soup to in-home testing of a bar soap.  It’s actually quite fun.

The firm in my town pays cash yes cash on the spot after you have completed the task.  They also feed me lunch or dinner when I go in for a campaign.

I know that Johnson & Johnson and Playtex have their own “research and development” departments that handle this type of in-home research.  I have participated for each company but both are now located too far from my home with the cost of gas it’s just not worth it to me to travel 2 hours to participate.  They also did not pay much money for the tasks.

I do not know of any other companies beside J&J and Playtex and it has been many years since I have kept up with them so I can only tell you to do some research on the internet to see if these companies still handle them in-house.

Good luck and be sure to let me know if you are successful in finding one in your area.

Checkout Plaza Research they are national.  Good luck.



Paid market research for anyone in Denver, CO, Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ, Philadelphia, PA, Riverside, CA & Houston, TX

Do you live in Denver, CO, Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ, Philadelphia, PA, Riverside, CA & Houston, TX?  If so you could qualify for a market research study paying $200 / 30 – 45 minutes each day for 3 Days.  This is either an on-line assignment or by telephone.

Plaza Research is a legitimate market research firm.  I have been working with them for years now.  I would never post a scam.

Here are the qualifications for this study:

Topic: First Time Homebuyer Purchases
Incentive/Length: $200 / 30 – 45 minutes each day for 3 Days – there is a possible follow up interview in mid-may (if chosen)- $100/60 min
When: Tuesday, April 28th – Friday, May 1st
Males & Females, Ages 22-54
Where: Online Community
If you are interested in the above study AND FIT THE DESCRIPTION, please click on the link below and fill out the survey so we can determine if you pre-qualify:

Legitmate Market Research that actually pays you cash!

I have been working with this market research firm for years.  I am fortunate to have one in the town in which I live but you can still participate nation wide.

Check out Plaza Research Marketing (

Register with them to do on line or phone interviews on many topics.

I have done round table discussions that pay as much as $350 for a few hours and my husband did one on pool chemicals and got paid $500 cash.  I did a home study on bar soap that paid me $250.

There are age categories so sign up your kids as well.  My son when he was a teen did a few on collectible toys that paid him $175.

Yes no taxes they pay you cash.

If you are fortunate to be chosen to visit one of their facilities they will offer you something to eat before you begin your focus group discussion.

The survey is lengthy but it is worth the effort especially if you are called twice a year.  I believe that is the max you can participate.

Here is part of the survey form.  PLEASE put my name in the appropriate box (see below).  I will get a small referral fee which as you all know I use any funds generated from my blog to support my local battered women’s shelter.

Be sure to let me know if you get picked!