Coupon Fraud Hurts Everyone

There has been a rash of fraudulent internet coupons and codes going around on all the coupon groups on Facebook lately. Please use some common sense when you see these coupons. If it looks too good to be true, then it usually is. Not only are they fraudulent, but if you click on the links, many times they are viruses that can destroy your computer or steal sensitive information that is being stored on your computer like passwords, etc.

Some of these codes are intended for one customer only, others are ridiculous coupons that say something like “Save $100 on a $101 purchase!” Now think about that – what company would give you a $100 discount on a $1 order? See what I am saying? Use common sense. They are never valid coupons and if you try to use them you could be prosecuted. Many times they have been photoshopped; that’s coupon fraud. It’s not worth your good name to try and use something that can land you in jail. Coupon fraud is taken very seriously today. Many of the large retailers like Walmart are now prosecuting the people who are coming into their stores and using the self-checkout, to commit coupon fraud.

It has always been my philosophy that if you use coupons legally and correctly, you can still get some fantastic deals without committing fraud. If you are in doubt, contact the company who supposedly issued that coupon and they will tell you if it’s a legitimate coupon or not. It only takes a few minutes to check the validity of any coupon floating around on the internet.

Happy Couponing!



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