No Facebook Access!

Today will be the third day I cannot access Facebook from my computer.  I have tried everything to resolve the issue as has my tech angel Bonny and nothing we do rectifies the problem.  Because I cannot access Facebook from my computer (I am using my phone and I am sure you can imagine how difficult it is to post from a phone) it takes three times as long to post something.  The problem has to be with Facebook there is no other solution.  Since I cannot get onto Facebook I had to ask Bonny to send a message to Facebook for help – we all know how that goes! It could be weeks before I can get someone to help me.

Don’t like being out of control but at this point I’ve tried all I can to rectify the problem and nothing works.

If anyone has a way to contact Facebook to get help please let me know.

Thanks, Rosey

Do you own a Samsung phone? Rare opportunity to get paid for your opinions!

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New requirements for CVS Beauty Bucks!

Check your CVS account on line or in the app. Apparently they change the requirements for Beauty Bucks again. Instead of receiving $5 on a $50 purchase they are not giving $3 on a $30 purchase. People are reporting finding up to $60 in Extra Care Bucks in their accounts. I on the other hand got a BIG FAT GOOSE EGG in mine and they took away what I had accumulated and reset it to zero. Thanks CVS! I have no luck!

My only trusted Coupon Fairy!

People ask me all the time how do I get multiple items for free or nearly free – the answer MULTIPLE COUPONS!  Without the coupons I could not support the local charities that I donate to on a monthly basis.  I get my coupons from Couponing Is A Hot Mess.

The ONLY TRUSTED coupon fairy I vouch for and endorse. She has been checked out personally by me.

To contact Couponing Is A Hot Mess go to her Facebook book and ask to be admitted to her private group here —->


New Walmart Coupon Policy Changes – your experience may vary.

Be sure to check out and print a copy of the Walmart coupon policy.  I found out the hard way that the rules had changed.

I went to Walmart today to do some shopping.  Pulled up a copy of the policy after my shopping experience and sure enough it has changed.

Not only are they not giving overage (at least not at my stores even though the policy states otherwise registers seem to be reprogrammed now) but there is now a stipulation that more than 4 alike coupons per shopping trip require a managers approval (two store I went to would not allow me to use more than 4 alike coupons.) Policy also states that they can limit the number of coupons you can use in one shopping trip.  I know that many of your have reported your local Walmart stores will brake these rules but mine will not.  I was especially sad to see that they will no longer give overage at my stores.

I was so angry I didn’t even think to check the policy before I got in line.  What a mess I had to return my entire order and repurchase it.

So educate yourself.

Walmart Coupon Policy can be found here!  Scroll down half way you will see the details.