Miracle Cure Cuccio Forté Nail Strengthener!


These are my nails – not acrylic!

UPDATE – Free Shipping and a free gift with purchase!

Do your nails split, peel or crack?  If so I have a wonderful product that will cure that problem.
I was a working professional manicurist for 10 years and my hands are in water and acetone all day long. Keeping this in mind my nails should be a mess but they are long, strong, and beautiful thanks to a professional product by Cuccio.  You won’t find this product in any store; it is only available to professionals. 
Cuccio Forte Nail Strengthener contains horsetail grass (Equisetum Arvense) an herbal plant that is used in the field of holistic medicine to help build and repair bone.  The product can be used as a base coat or a top coat. I use this myself, wouldn’t recommend it if it did not do what it claims to do as I put my reputation on the line each and every time I recommend it to my clients.  This product will work for you as it has for all of my clients who have nail problems
All sales are final as the proceeds go to local charities. I don’t list on ebay, can’t afford their fees when my profit is going to charity. However I have 100% positive feedback from previous sales under TheGreatDew on ebay or NailGirl on Bonanza.
I have many satisfied customers who have purchased this from me over the Internet and are already seeing a significant improvement in their nails in as little as two weeks. However, I tell my clients that it takes a full six month from the nail to grow from the cuticle to the free edge so give it time to work if you nails are badly damaged.
You can purchase this product directly from me for $14.00 which includes your shipping and handling as well as a free product with purchase.
I know you will love this product as much as I do because it is truly a miracle in a bottle.You can purchase this product directly from me for $14.00 which includes your free shipping and handling as well as a free gift with purchase!


All proceeds go to help local charities I support. 

You can purchase this product directly from me for $14.00 which includes your free shipping and handling as well as a free gift with purchase!

Name: Shannon W

This is the BEST stuff ever. My nails refused to grow and all I had were little “nubs”. I used this and suddenly they have grown. I was skeptical at first, but I can testify this stuff REALLY does work. I love it. In fact, a friend took my other bottle after seeing my nails, so I just ordered my 2nd bottle. I definitely recommend this. Well worth the money!

Name: Peggy
City, State Philadelphia, PA
Comments: I had terrible nails. They constantly peeled and split. I have been using this polish for a couple weeks and WHAT A DIFFERENCE. My nails are getting hard, not splitting, not peeling. I had one nail that was split really low before I started using the polish. I could actually grow the nail out to a length that wouldn’t hurt to cut. That was definitely because of the polish. I recommend everyone to use this polish. I will be purchasing more for myself and to put with Christmas gifts.

Name: Samantha M
City, State Las Vegas, NV
Comments: LOVE IT! Couldn’t go a day without this product. Give it a try you will not be disappointed.
Name: Susan S.
City, State Dallas, Texas
Comments: OMG I cannot believe this product – IT WORKS! I threw away so much money over the years trying products that were hyped up by my manicurists but nothing worked and it ended up in the trash. Do not hesitate to try this product. I started seeing results in 2 weeks.

Name: Anna Heins
City, State Deptford NJ
Comments: This product is amazing! I have had acrylics for over 25 years and my nails were thin and peeling. I have used this for only 10 days now, and have longer and stronger nails. Results were seen in a week! I am buying some for gifts for my friends that have tried everything else like me. I now know the secret to long, strong beautiful nails.! Thanks you Roseann!!!!!

Name: Michelle
City, State Philadelphia, PA
Comments: WOW is all I can say about this product. It works so well. I have never had long nails before using this product. If your nails are thin, weak and bend this product is for you. Also I had peeling and it cured that as well. Bravo to Roseann and this product. I will be a repeat customer.

Name: Melissa
City, State Browns Mills ,NJ
Comments: This product is AMAZING. I recently just had acrylics removed and my nails where thin,peeling,and very short.Within a week of using this product my nails changed for the better becoming stronger and longer! I love this product and will continue to use it faithfully!

Name: Dina S.
City, State St. Paul, MN
Comments: Received this product about 3 weeks ago from Roseanne. I was a bit skeptical since I have tried many nail products that promise a lot. I cannot sing the praises of this Cuccio hardner enough. I really is an amazing product. I’ll be ordering again for myself and as a gift to my sister and mother shortly. Don’t hesitate to try this product. It really works!!!!

Name: Millie P.
City, State New York, New York
Comments: I purchased this product three weeks ago and I am amazed at how quickly it started to work. My nails are stronger and I think I can finally grow long nails. Throw away all your other products because this is truly a miracle. No hype Roseanne is truthful when she promotes this product.

Name: KJ
City, State Berlin, NJ
Comments: After 2.5 weeks, my nails are the longest and strongest they’ve ever been! My nails were thin, bendable and would tear at the edges. Not anymore! Best $14 I’ve spent on my nails!!!!

Name: Christine Zall
City, State Staten Island, NY
Comments: I have never had good nails, the have always broken and split. Since using the Cuccio products for one month I have had no splitting or cracking at all and my nails are actually growing. They do say you need 6 months to see results, but I see that it is already working,I highly recommend trying it

Name: Rita Lawson
City, State Ocean City, MD
Comments: OMG I just love this product. This is my second order and I am going to order a few for my friends as well. It does exactly what Roseanne claims it does, strengthens your nails and helps them grow. I had horrible nails, now they are long and strong and beautiful. Do not hesitate to try this product. You won’t be sorry!

Name: Jackie Parks
City, State Boston, MA
Comments: This is the best product ever. I have just started using it and I have already noticed a big difference in my nails. They are getting stronger by the day. I was so please with the results that I purchased an addtional bottle for my sister. I know she is going to have the same positive results. If you are debating whether or not to buy this product believe me it is worth the money.

Name: Judie Watson
City, State Wilson NC 27893
Comments: This stuff is amazing, I bit my nails when I was younger. Not sure if this is what caused my nails to be thin, and break for no reason. I bought the Cuccico several weeks ago and my nails are great. They grew long, and did not break. I will use the Cuccio Forte forever.

Name: Cheri Sterns
City, State Fairfax, Virginia
Comments: I have been using this product for over a year now and it is just a miracle. I had horrible nails, thin and very weak but now my nails are strong and beautiful. I cannot say enough great things about this product. I have tried so many others and they were just a waste of money. This product is a miracle in a bottle. Don’t hesitate to buy it, you won’t be sorry!

Name: Melissa
City, State Mount Laurel, NJ
Comments: I like this product. My nails tend to peel and then break. They grow fast, but don’t stay. As long as I’m good about using the Cuccio, it really helps keep my nails from peeling and lets them grow long and stay long. As soon as my nails peel a little or chip, I gently file and reapply Cuccio, and the nail continues to get strong. I’ve been using this product for a year now, and as long as I keep up with it, I have good nails.

Name: Allyson
City, State West Deptford, NJ
Comments: I’m so glad that I found Roseann and her Cuccio Forte Nail. My nails were so brittle that I couldn’t grow them. They were peeling and breaking all the time. Since I started using this, I can’t believe the difference! They are so much stronger and are no longer brittle. I’m thrilled to have found something that really works and no longer have to spend money to find the best product! This is the best! Thanks so much!

Name: K. Penrsoe
City, State Pemberton, New Jersey
Comments: This stuff is amazing!!!! I have been a nail biter since as far back as I can remember. I’ve done everything to have long beautiful nails. Thanks to this product I have my own beautiful nails. Now I’m not ashamed to have people look at my hand.

Name: Deb Clement
City, State glassboro, NJ
Comments: It has help my nails. Had sculpured nails 10 years. I just started getting hard nails. 

Name: Dot Alteri
City, State Philadelphia, PA
Comments: Purchased this product about 6 months ago. It was the best investment I have made. My nails were badly damaged from acrylics and this product has helped to heal them and make them stronger. It was a slow process but I am so glad I continued using it. I continue to use this product on a weekly basis and my nails are now beautiful and strong. I will never go back to acrylics again. Thanks Roseanne for your help with this product.

Name: Barbara Baldwin
City, State Houston, TX
Comments: I just adore this product. I searched for years for something to help my nails and I wasted so much money as nothing worked. I decided to take a leap of faith and buy this product and boy am I glad I did. My nails grow without breaking now and I am so thrilled. I will never go a day without this product!

Name: Morgan Park
City, State Saint Marys, PA
Comments: I absolutely love this product! I can tell right away it’s making my nails stronger and it’s only been a short while since I first started using this awesome product!


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