DIY Decorating Tip – hanging artwork!

Artwork can get pricey, but I found a way to enjoy it on a dime. Find a yearly calendar with a theme that suits your taste or matches the decor of the room you are trying to spruce up. You can find them in dollar stores or after January of each year for a song. Then, go and buy some dollar store picture frames and cut the calendar pages to fit the size of your frames. Then just mount them on the wall and voila! It’s a lot cheaper than buying famed art, believe me.

Want something on a larger scale? It may cost a little more, since the larger the frame the more expensive it can get…but try framing one of your favorite posters. Usually the craft stores like Michaels and A.C. Moore will offer a weekly 50% or 60% off one regular priced item coupon. Take advantage of those coupons and get your larger photo frame at a discount. Take some glue (they sell special glue for posters but I honestly do not think it is necessary) and use the cardboard that is included with the photo frame to glue your poster to the front of the cardboard. Remove any air bubbles using a rolling pin. Finish up by putting your frame together and mounting it to the desired wall. It’s really very easy. TADA! You have instant art!!