Door to Door Organics Review and $10 Discount Code!

As you guys know I am not one to promote anything unless it passes my test of approval and I believe in the company and the products that they manufacture or distribute.

For years I have felt the need to buy organic products for my family and to support the local farmers in the New Jersey area that I live but unfortunately it’s not that easy unless you have a farmer’s market in your area. There are a few in South Jersey but nothing in the immediate area so I looked for other sources to buy fresh “straight from the farm” produce and then I found Door to Door Organics.

No one can convince me that organic products don’t taste better and last longer.  I’m amazed at how quickly food and produce from our super markets spoils today.  When I was a child my mom would have things in the refrigerator for weeks and they would stay fresh but not today.  It’s really sad especially since we spend a fortune and then threw good food in the trash week after week.  It breaks my heart knowing that there are people going hungry in the world and I have to throw food in the garbage.

That being said I am always searching for new ways to maximize my food budget dollars and I find that buying fresh organic directly from our farmers (even through it may cost slightly more) is actually a better economical buy.  

Do an experiment – buy a half gallon of organic milk and a half gallon of regular milk and see if the organic milk doesn’t last longer in your refrigerator!  I am here to tell you it will.  Just see how long the expiration date on the “organic” vs. the regular is – quite a difference.  I only buy organic milk for a number of reasons but from an economical stand it’s actually more economical because it lasts longer and is much healthier for my family.  I was constantly throwing away milk because they go on binges in my house – one month it’s cold cereal for breakfast every day the next month they don’t even look at it so I got tired of throwing hard earned money down the drain.  It’s the same with organic food.  It lasts twice as long as something sprayed with chemicals.

Door to Door Organics brings you farm fresh veggies, fruits, and other products straight to your door.  No running from store to store like I did to find the best possible organic product for your family. If you factor in your time, gas, and aggravation it’s probably equal to or less than what you would send at the grocery store for non-organic products.  They also offer a variety of farm-fresh milk, free-range eggs, gourmet cheese, humanely raised meats, sustainably fished seafood, and artisan breads – to name a few.  

Read about the local farms that Door to Door Organics gets their products from – click here!

Concerned that you are not home during the day to accept your Door to Door Organics delivery – no problem – just leave out a cooler (winter, spring, summer, fall) and the delivery person will leave your box in your cooler waiting for you to get home. 

There is a variety of sizes and price points fit for any family from the “Little Box” which basically feeds 1-2 people all the way up to “Large Box” that feeds 4 or more people. 

Here is a photo of my first “Little Box” – I cannot wait to try them all they smell amazing.

I received the follow:
(6) organic roma tomatoes
(2) organic valencia oranges
(2) organic tangerines
(1) organic cucumber
(1) organic pound bag of baby carrots
(1) organic head of romaine lettuce
(2) organic bananas
(2) organic apples
(1) organic bunch of broccoli

This is plenty for my family for one week.  You can make up to 3 substitutes in any box increasing any of these items or picking others from the available list that week.

You can pick an all “veggie box” an all “fruit box” or a “mixed fruit and veggie” box as I did.

You can see the box sizes on the website just click here!

The folks at Door to Door have send along a wonderful “discount code” so that you can try your first delivery with a $10 savings (that’s a 40% savings) – use couponcoach14 at the checkout to save $10.00!  

Believe me this is such a great offer, take advantage of the fabulous savings while you can to try Door to Door Organics, I promise you will not be disappointed and delivery is always free included in your box price.  

Door to Door Organics offers fund raising discounts as well as discounts for group deliveries.  Click here to find out all this info!


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