Durilaq Gel Polish Review!

There are many brands of gel polish on the market today, so many brands, that it can get confusing which to chose.  As a licensed manicurist I try to be open to any and all the brands being sold from the high end to the drug store brands.  The newest products, from some well known brands, require no LED light curing.  These are extremely convenient especially for the do-it-yourselfer who doesn’t want to go to the salon every week or two to have their polish changed.

I recently received a bottle of Durilaq, (from the makers of Duri Polish) a non-LED light curing gel polish in O Sole Mia (a beautiful red) to test.  I was sent one polish and one top coat. No base coat is required just two coats of Durilaq color and one coat of Durilaq Top Coat and you’re ready to go. The instructions recommends that you wait two minutes in between polish coats to allow it to dry.

I wanted to really give the polish a work out and see exactly how long it would last under every day use.  I use my hands all day long to type, clean, and prepare meals for my family so I knew it would be an excellent test for the brand.

The color I received (O Sole Mia) is one of eight colors in the collection.  As you can see below the colors are beautiful and there has to be one or more that appeals to you.



Just like all the other Duri products Durilaq is “5 free” which means it is free of :

  • CAMPHOR: In rare cases, camphor can cause liver damage when applied to skin. And nail biters be warned— it’s been linked to seizures when ingested.
  • DIBUTYL PHTHALATE: An endocrine disruptor, dibutyl phthalate is toxic to the reproductive system, and can effect a baby boy’s genitalia development. Plus, it’s been linked to obesity.
  • FORMALDEHYDE: A known carcinogen that can also cause organ and immune system toxicity, formaldehyde is an ingredient to avoid at all costs.
  • FORMALDEHYDE RESIN: This formaldehyde derivative may not be as toxic, but it’s a known allergen, and can cause skin irritations, as well as eye and lung irritation (and we know we all inhale some nail-polish fumes when we’re swiping on color).
  • TOLUENE: Toluene not only impairs breathing and can cause nausea, but it’s also toxic to the nervous system, can cause developmental damage to a fetus and is linked to malignant lymphoma.

These cancer causing agents can be very harmful to your body and no matter which brand you choose as a Licensed Manicurist I always recommend my clients choose a polish brand like Duri that is free of these chemicals.

Durilaq and Duri Polishes can be purchased at https://duri.com – check out all the Duri and Durilaq colors available!

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