Dyson AM05 Hot and Cool Bladeless Heater and Fan review!

Let me just say I purchased this Dyson product on my own from QVC (this was NOT provided to me for the purpose of a blog review) a few weeks ago and I am doing the happy dance.  I am always cold. It could be 90 degrees outside and I’m still cold.  My heating bills were horrific as we have hot air heat in our home (unlike baseboard radiators we had in our previous home, this house is never at a constant heated temperature.)  

I saw this Dyson product a few times in magazines and on TV and hesitated to purchase it because I just couldn’t justify spending the money. When I got my first heating bill of the season, I thought, “I have to get control of this situation.” I couldn’t put enough layers of clothing on me during the day and I wasn’t about to raise the heat again and again like I had been doing in years past to stay warm.

The Dyson AM05 is not only a portable heater but it is also a cool fan so you are getting two products in one.  The heater is amazing and I take it from room to room with me during the day.  It really does the job of keeping me and the room warm and I am so thrilled with the product.

I searched for the best possible price on this item and found that QVC had the best price! Other retailers carry the product, but it is more expensive by almost $100.  It comes in several color choices; I chose the copper color for our home. I suggest you make your purchase from QVC.com for the best deal possible!

After you make your purchase, let me know how you like the product. I am certain you will be pleased with your purchase!

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  1. I am in the market for a new fan–it gets super hot here in Arizona! I may have to get a Dyson now!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am in New England… This fan looks like it will help year round… Going to go check it out now!!

  3. I was so happy to see your review of this Dyson product! I have wanted one for many years now, but the price has always held me back. Thanks for the QVC tip 🙂 I am so glad that you love this Dyson…now I know that I need one too!

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