Ergo Kangaroo Pro Standing Desk Converter Review

Disclosure: I received a sample (as described below) to conduct my review for this blog post.  All opinions stated in this post are truthful and mine alone.  Receiving a sample(s) of this product in no way influenced my opinion in this review.

The medical community has come together recently and stated that sitting long periods of time (as I do) can cause an array of dangerous medical conditions. Conditions such as type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, heart disease and early death.  The Mayo Clinic has published an article stating all the possible medical conditions (some very dangerous) that can occur from sitting long periods of time.  I urge you all to read this article here.

If you sit all day long at your job (most sit 8 hours a day) you need to know the facts. If you suffer from neck and shoulder pain, leg cramps, lower back pain and sciatic issues, this can be caused by sitting in the same position for hours on end.

I was diagnosed with a 15 inch blood clot in my right leg, part of which broke off and went into my lung, back in June of 2015. I sit up to 15 hours a day blogging. I am convinced that since I had no prior medical or family history or risk factors this was the cause of my DVT and PE. I suffer with daily pain in that leg and probably will for the rest of my life because of this.

For this reason and on the advice of my doctor’s I started looking into a “standing desk” to help with the circulation in that leg.  The kind folks at Ergo (after hearing my story) sent me this amazing Ergo Kangroo Pro standing desk converter.  I cannot tell you what a difference this desk converter is going to make in the health of my leg.  After sitting all day long I would get to bed only to have my leg throb for hours keeping me up at night.  Now with the Kangroo Pro I am pain free.

The Kangroo Pro will convert from a standing position back to a sitting position with just a simple adjustment – it only takes a few seconds.  Ergo products are proudly made in the USA.

Here is some information about the Kangaroo Pro:

  • Work surface and monitor adjust separately giving you dual ergonomics
  • Work surface of our adjustable height desktop can be raised to the exact same location by using our “stopping bolt” feature
  • Main work surface measures 28″ wide by 24″ deep
  • Main work surface is adjustable 16.5″ above your desk
  • Holds your monitor on a VESA Bracket (included)
  • VESA mount has 75 x 75 or 100 x 100 hole pattern
  • VESA mount has “Tilt, Pan and Rotate” adjustability
  • The Monitor has 6.5″ of adjustment independent from the work surface
  • Recommended for Monitors up to 15 lbs without its base attached
  • Solid Steel Base plate makes The Kangaroo Pro very stable and measures 17.5″ wide by 16″ deep
  • All units come have one stabilization leg included
  • Optional Detachable Side Work Surfaces, Cable Management, and Keyboard Extension are available
  • Available in Black, Maple, Cherry and Putty

Ergo offers a number of standing desk solutions for every size and type of computer.  Check out the entire line of products at

Be sure to read the testimonials from satisfied customers as well at – I will be adding my praise as well. You will find a ***** (that’s a 5 star review) on as well for the Ergo Kangaroo Pro.

Here is a short video I have prepared to demonstrate how easy it is to convert the Ergo Kangroo Pro standing desk converter.

About the company and their product:

Ergo Desktop developed The Kangaroo “Adjustable Height Desk” to fill the need of those who want to have the 
benefits of alternating between standing and sitting but do not want to discard their existing desk. All of our adjustable 
height desk sit on your existing desk so if you are looking for an adjustable height desk, or a stand-up 
desk, The Kangaroo line of products will work great for you.

The end results are high quality, Made in the USA adjustable height desk that have helped many 
customers improve their work lives by reducing or eliminating the pain they experienced from working at their 
computers workstations all day. Customers have claimed that using “The Kangaroo” has changed their lives, 
giving them renewed energy while working and improving their overall work experience. We have other customers 
who use “The Kangaroo adjustable height desk” simply because it is good for you. Just think, improve 
your overall fitness level and strengthen your core all while you are working.

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  1. I worked for almost 60 years and most of them were at a desk all day long. This would have been a blessing to have something like this. Today when i sit down to work on the computer I set a timer for no more than 90 minutes than I have to get up and moce.

  2. I love that this is made in the USA! I could use a standing desk as I can sit for hours at the computer and I know it’s better to at least be standing. I’ve not heard of this brand before but I’ll keep it on my list when it comes to purchasing one.

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