Matt’s Pumpkin Cake Recipe!

As promised here is the Pumpkin Cake recipe I made today.  It’s so easy and it comes out wonderful each time.  It’s one of these recipes that you just can’t screw up.

First let me say we always make it in a disposable tin.  Not only is it more convenient but I feel it cooks more evenly.

You will need the following:

1- 16 ounce can of pumpkin puree

1 – 13 ounce can of evaporated milk

2 – teaspoons of pumpkin pie spice (you can substitute this if you don’t have it in the house with 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of nutmeg)

4 – eggs

1 and 1/2 cups of dark brown sugar (I have cut this to 1 and 1/4 cups and it tastes just fine buy you be the judge)

1 box yellow cake mix (any brand will do, 18.5 ounces)

1 cup of melted butter

1 cup of chopped pecans

1 – teaspoon of vanilla (don’t worry if you don’t have this it won’t affect the taste that much I have forgotten to put it on occasion)

Put the butter in a microwavable dish or cup and melt it slowly. Put aside.

Mix together in a mixing bowl (we do it by hand no need to dirty your mixer) pumpkin, evaporated milk, spices, eggs and sugar.  Pour into your tin. Sprinkle boxed cake mix over liquid ingredients, then melted butter, then pecans.

Preheat you oven at 350 degrees.

When it reaches temperature place it on a baking sheet (because the till is flexible you don’t want a mess on the floor before you even get it into the oven) and bake for 65 minutes.  Cake should be firm on the top by the bottom is like a pumpkin custard.  As it cools it will get firm.

Serve alone or with ice cream.  It’s delicious!

Enjoy and let me know how you like it.


Power Pressure Cooker to the rescue!

What do you do when you can’t get out to the market and you have limited ingredients available in your pantry/freezer – you make up a recipe and use your #PowerPressureCookerXL.

I cannot tell you how many times this amazing appliance has saved me from take out food.  If you are going to invest in one appliance this year it should be a Power Pressure Cooker XL.


This is what I had to work with:

(1) box of dry pasta

(1) 2 lb bag of frozen shrimp

(1) 7 ounce container of pesto

(1) cup of white wine

(3) cups of chicken stock

(1) 1/4 stick of butter


I combined all the ingredients in the Power Pressure Cooker XL – put it on “rice/risotto” function button for 12 minutes top with graded Pecorino Romano cheese and you’ve got a delicious meal. My family loved it!

pastashrimp2 pastashripm1

Grandmom Philomena’s Marinara Sauce Recipe and Instructional Video

I know I have been promising this for a long time and I have finally gotten the time to do it for you all. This is my grandmom Philomena’s Marinara Sauce recipe and instructional video.

This is your basic marinara sauce recipe nothing special but I guarantee you if you follow my instructions and make this one time you will never  buy the bottled sauce again.

This can be used for pasta, making pizza, or you can make a variety of dishes with this sauce.  Anything that calls for a tomato sauce you can substitute with this sauce. Make a huge batch and freeze it like I do.  It is great for nights when you are running late and don’t have time to prepare a meal for your family.

I hope you enjoy it.  Any feedback you can post below this blog post.

Product Review: Power AirFryer XL

I had the pleasure of reviewing the Power AirFryer XL recently. It’s the latest in the line of products from the people who have brought you the Copper Chef Pan and The Power Pressure Cooker XL.

We all love fried foods but using gobs of oil to fry anything will add tons of calories to the dish (and not necessarily improve the taste) that is why I was so excited to receive this product for review. I have pretty much eliminated frying any type of food from my dinner table.  I for one have a very difficult time digesting anything fried and we certainly didn’t need the extra calories. I’ve tried to bake things like cutlets in the oven and they just don’t come out the same as frying them in oil they are tasteless and dry.

I have seen these air fryers in the past but was hesitant to try one.  However, after using the Power AirFryer XL I can honestly say that air-fried foods are back on the menu at our house.

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Natural Alternatives to Synthetic Food Coloring in Your Recipes!

It has always bothered me putting chemicals (and that is what they are) and synthetic dyes in my food when it calls for a food coloring in the recipe. My son was on the Feingold diet as small child and I learned there are many alternatives to synthetic ingredients you can use.  For those of you who may not be familiar with the Feingold diet it is a diet free of synthetic dyes and ingredients for children who can become hyper from ingesting them. It made a huge impact on my son when he was a toddler.

Here are some natural alternatives to synthetic dyes.

For more intense color you can boil the ingredients and concentrate them (it will make a syrup just use that instead of the synthetic food coloring) or just use it in the recipe but be sure to taste as you go along if you don’t want the taste of that ingredient in your recipe.


Natural BLUE Food Coloring use blueberries and blackberries

Natural GREEN Food Coloring use spinach juice, wheatgrass, kale, swiss chard leaves, lime zest

Natural ORANGE Food Coloring use orange carrots, orange zest, carrot juice, pumpkin, papaya, cumin powder

Natural PINK Food Coloring use beetroot, pomegranate powder and raspberries

Natural PURPLE Food Coloring use red grapes, organic red wine, red cabbage, purple carrots, purple potatoes, acai berry powder

Natural RED Food Coloring use red beets, chilli powder, strawberries and pomegranate

Natural YELLOW Food Coloring  use turmeric powder, yellow carrots, lemon zest, saffron flowers, bee pollen



Kansas City Steak Company Review!

I had the pleasure of reviewing the most amazing steaks from the Kansas City Steak Company recently.  They sent me four (4) 6 ounce Super Trimmed Filet Mignons, packed in dry ice and shipped overnight. The week we received these it had rained continuously for almost two weeks, so I was unable to grill them outside as originally planned. So…the next best thing was to broil them in the oven.  I didn’t even have to try and figure out what seasonings to put on the filets as they came with a seasoning packet right in the box.  These filets were so moist and tender it was like cutting into butter. I can honestly say these were the BEST filets we have ever eaten.  My husband, my son and I really enjoyed them so much, I plan to place an order from time to time.  Yes, they are expensive but I would sooner order these filets occasionally for my family than the steaks I buy at the market. Now I know how horrible the steak quality is at the local market compared to Kansas City Steak Company’s product.  There is no comparison – Kansas City Steaks are the best and I know you will agree once you taste them.

Here’s a little video I prepared for you so you can see the end result after they were broiled in my oven.

Each Kansas City filet is aged up to 28 days to enhance its flavor and tenderness.  These steaks are high-end restaurant quality delivered directly to your door.  Each steak is vacuum sealed and individually packaged so you can choose one or more each time you decide to serve them.  Each order comes with a Kansas City Steak booklet with cooking instructions, tips, and more.

The Kansas City Steak Company has been in business since 1932.  Their company is based firmly on family values – that’s why it’s been in business for over 80 years. Those standards of integrity, quality and hard work have made this company one you can trust.

Kansas City Steak Company has a variety of meats to choose from.  They not only have the finest quality steaks but they offer Kobe Beef, Seafood, Appetizers, Side Dishes, Desserts, Seasonings and Sauces and much more.

Kansas City Steak Company has a wide variety of gift options as well.  You can see them all here!

Not sure what to buy Aunt Millie and Uncle Bob come holiday time – check out all the possibilities at Kansas City Steak’s website!

Kansas City Steak Company is so sure you are going to love their products they offer an unconditional guarantee!

From their website:

Our merchandise is guaranteed. If any product purchased from us ever disappoints you, for any reason, you may ask for a replacement or refund. Even if you received the item as a gift, The Kansas City Steak Company will replace it with another item or gift certificate of equal value. We know you have a choice, thank you for choosing The Kansas City Steak Company.

Replacement/Refund Policy

  • Shipping Related Concerns

For any issues related to incorrect items shipped, please contact Customer Service within 10 business days at 1-800-524-1844 or by email at

  • Quality Related Concerns

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the items you’ve received please contact Customer Service within 45 days for a replacement or refund of the full purchase price. If only a portion of the product was unsatisfactory, a partial refund or replacement may be issued. Refunds will be credited back to the original order payment method.

I highly recommend the Kansas City Steak Company; you will not be disappointed!

Copper Chef Pan and Accessories Review!

copperchef6pieceI have to admit (like with any of the products I review) I do my research and read previous buyer’s reviews. There are some not so favorable reviews about this product out there but honestly after reading the majority of them I think it is a case of buyers remorse. Most of these bad reviews were complaining about the price and how they felt the pan was not worth the selling price. I have to disagree.

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