How to get nail polish out of a carpet!

A few years ago I had a horrific accident on brand new carpets with a broken bottle of nail polish. It wasn’t even my fault as I went to pick up the bottle of polish by the cap and the entire glass neck of the bottle had broken off.  Thankfully my son was in the house when it happened, even as a manicurist I had no clue this product would work and take out the polish from the carpet fibers.

I was in such a panic I was screaming so loud my son ran down the stairs to the basement thinking I was hurt.  I had no clue what do I thought the brand new carpets were ruined.

My son said “hurry Mom get some isopropyl alcohol!”  Thankfully I had isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle (most manicurist do as we use it to clean our working area) so I began to spray the area and lightly blot the area (and believe me it was a large area.)  I could not believe my eyes.  The wet polish started to disappear from the carpet and attached itself to the clean cloth. I continued doing this until all the of RED polish as gone from the carpet.

A small spray bottle of isopropyl alcohol can serve many purposes in your house so keep one handy for all types of issues but remember if this happens to you all is not lost.  Just tackle the issue immediately and do not allow the polish to dry.  BLOT, BLOT, BLOT do not rub!


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