How to safely remove your artificial nails or dip nails!

Many of you know I am a licensed manicurist but I don’t work in the industry any longer.

However I am seeing some horrifying videos of people trying to remove their artificial nails or dip nails incorrectly.

Here is my advice on how to remove them safely and what you can do if you absolutely need to put something in their place.

Safe Removal of artificial nails!

Get some cotton balls or paper towel and soak it in acetone and place it on each nail. Secure it with tin foil and allow it to set for at least 15 minutes (some times it takes longer).

Once you remove the tin foil and the cotton or paper towel take an emery board (if that’s all I assume you have available) a cuticle pusher or a orangewood stick and start at the cuticle and gently scrape off the acrylic or dip.

You may have to repeat the process a few times.

If your nails are in very poor condition after you remove the artificial ones I highly recommend this product that my clients call a “Miracle In A Bottle” – you can purchase it directly from me here! 

Right now I am offering free shipping and a free gift to anyone who purchases in the USA.

If you are in the public eye and absolutely need something on your nails I recommend these press on type nails.  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used over and over again as your nails begin to grow you can re-position them.

Just make sure when ordering them (if you need them immediately) that you choose something that is in stock as opposed to something that has a longer delivery date.

Press On Nails

Orangewood Sticks

Metal Cuticle Pusher

Acetone – make sure to choose pure acetone not nail polish remover.  Some of these nail polish removers have oils in them to help protect the nail when stripping polish. They don’t work as well as pure acetone but if it’s all you have I say give it a try it may just take more applications and more time to remove whatever is on your nails.

Finally if you decide to leave your natural nails only I highly recommend this product.  It will have your natural nails looking and feeling healthy in as little as two weeks. “Miracle In A Bottle” – you can purchase it directly from me here! 

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