Infertility and Factor Five – have you been tested?

As many of you know I’ve shared some personal info about my medical history last week and in that post I shared that my husband and I suffered six painful miscarriages before and after our only son was born.

Back when I was trying to conceive (over 28 years ago) there wasn’t many advantages with medical coverage so we spent a small fortune (enough to buy a second home) trying anything we could to have a child.  I paid for tests that should have been covered by insurance but since they were not I had to pay out of pocket for many tests and infertility treatments.  It was draining and anyone who is going through this or has in the past knows how difficult it can be on a relationship and your mental well being.

People ask me all the time why did I continue to try after so many devastating losses – the only thing I can say is something inside me just kept saying “keep going!” and I did.

I make people laugh when I tell them my son is a “Motrin Baby” and I will explain why I call him that.  I also have a theory that he was meant to be born and if any of those other pregnancies survived my Andrew would not be here today.  I cannot even imagine life without him – I could just cry now thinking about it.

I was recently diagnosed with a clotting disorder called Factor Five.  When speaking with my gynecologist at my yearly checkup she said “Oh Roseann that’s the first thing we check for now when a patient presents with multiple miscarriages, I’m so sorry!”  Now you know I had a good cry.  All those attempts, all those failures, could have been prevented but no one thought to check for Factor Five.  I went to the best of the best in Philadelphia and still no one thought to check for Factor Five, a simple genetic blood test.  The cure – a baby aspirin for the first trimester – that simple.

Now this is why I call Andrew my “Motrin Baby!”

I never knew when or if I was getting a period.  I had the worst time for years with cramps, spotting, missed periods, etc.  The cramping was so bad that I would have to stay home from school or work the first day or so of my period.  Later I found out I had endometriosis as well so that didn’t help my infertility issue.  Because I never knew when my period was coming I would start to take mass doses of prescription strength Motrin to help relieve the pain.  Motrin like aspirin thins the blood – thinning of the blood helped stop the blood supply from clotting though the umbilical cord and helped my son survive.  Now I didn’t take Motrin for three months but took it long enough for him to implant in my uterine wall and become a viable pregnancy.  Hence my Motrin baby!

Of course I cannot tell you 100% that is what happened but it makes perfect sense to me.  He is my miracle.

The reason I wrote this article is to inform woman having infertility issues to be checked for Factor Five and the Lupus ANA Titer test.  This is very important to know if you have had multiple miscarriages.  I would insist on being checked for both if you have had only one miscarriage just to rule them out.

Having a positive Lupus ANA Titer does not mean you have the disease.  I’ve had a positive ANA for years and I don’t have Lupus but it does play a rule in conception and should be taken into consideration by your infertility doctor or specialist.  Be sure to ask to be tested for both of these issues it could be the difference between conception and failure.

I hope this helps someone going through infertility right now.  Don’t give up.  If you are a spiritual person and believe in the power of prayer – pray.  You can also seek out holistic practices with a reputable holistic fertility practitioner but please do your research and get references.  Many are not what they claim to be.  Do not take any holistic supplements without discussing this in advance with your fertility specialist.  Many infertility doctors can direct you to a holistic practitioner that they have worked successfully with in the past.

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  1. So glad for your miracle! My daughter has only 3 or 4 periods a year, and never thought she could conceive. Well, to make a long a long story short, she is expecting her FOURTH chile in June! Miracles do happen!

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