Join Ebates and Mr. Rebates for all around savings!

If you are not a member of either of these cash-back sites you are missing out.

Sign up under my link and I will send you a free product coupon for using link.  Just notify me that you have signed up and made your first $25 purchase (it doesn’t have to be all at one time) and I will send you a free product coupon as my thanks.


Do you like “free money”? If so, you need to join Ebates and Mr. Rebates! If you are not using cashback sites to do your internet shopping, you are not getting the best deals possible.  Cash back sites like Ebates and Mr. Rebates are a wonderful way to save even more money when making your internet purchases.  They both disburse your accumulated funds every three (3) months or four (4) times per year.  I average $100.00 per month from each of these sites, just taking a few minutes to click through their site.  Each has thousands of merchants who pay various percentages (%) back to you just for shopping at their site.

I check both sites all the time to see who offers the best percentage (%) in cash back before making my purchase.  Both sites are safe and do pay without worry every disbursement period.  I have been an Ebates member since 2007 and have always received my cashback bonus in a timely manner.  Unlike other sites that just close up with your points or money, this has NEVER happened with Ebates.

After years of happily using Ebates, I researched Mr. Rebates and found them to be just as reputable as Ebates, so I started recommending them as well.

I have noticed that some of you signed up for one or both of these and have not yet used them. Please keep in mind, by signing up under my personal link, you are helping to support my charities. When I refer a certain number of people, I get a bonus and that goes to help me buy items for my charities! Thank you!!

The Ebates $10 FREE GIFT CARD could end at anytime without notice so be sure to make your first purchase of $25 so that you can qualify.

Each member of my family has their own account.  There is no reason not to sign up your family members.  Let them share in the fun too.

My husband’s FREE $10 GIFT CARD came within days of him making his first internet purchase.


I recommend that you join Mr. Rebates as well.  I always compare which site gives the best cash back percentage before I make my purchase.  Mr. Rebates will put a $5.00 instant bonus in your account just for signing up.

Mr. Rebates

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