Warehouse Clubs are they really worth it?

 One of the most popular questions I get asked when giving a private consult or a group class is about warehouse clubs and are they worth using?

My personal experience is that depends – it’s not a yes or no answer.

Prices vary from state to state region to region so if you live in an area where the cost of living is much lower than where (I am located in New Jersey) your prices may be a great deal at the warehouse club.  You have to figure this out on your own.

My experience is that they are not worth the yearly membership fee and prices they charge for bulk items.

We are only two in my family even though we are two adults I find that I was thrown more food away buying in bulk at the local warehouse club thinking I was saving money. You need to keep these factors in mind when buying bulk at a warehouse store.  Does the per ounce price beat the local market with a coupon? Will my family use all this before it expires?  Can I use a coupon to make this purchase?

Keep in mind too that some warehouse clubs DO NOT accept coupons.  That for me is a big RED FLAG!

I can score a great deal at my local food market on an item that is on sale and a double coupon value to get the item at a considerable discount if not for free.

Warehouse clubs do not allow you to use multiple coupons on their bulk multi-packed items unless each individual item has it’s on upc to scan.  Nor do they double your coupon value. 

Now I can only tell you from my experience with BJ’s Wholesale Club as that was the only warehouse club available to me in my area.

I cannot vouch for the coupon policies of other Warehouse Clubs so this could be very different at the one you are currently shopping at.  Get a copy of their coupons policy and familiarize yourself with it.  You can usually find the written coupon policy for any store at their website.  Print it out and carry it with you for handy reference.

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Is a bi-weekly mortgage payment actauly a good idea?

For years all I ever heard and read was “Get a bi-weekly (pay it every two weeks vs. once a month) mortgage plan!”

The idea behind the bi-weekly mortgage vs. a monthly mortgage payment was to save additional interest on your loan amount.

Clark Howard (my hero) talks in this article about how it is NOT a good move to have a bi-weekly mortgage payment.  See what he thinks about this topic here!