Maggie & Mary’s Pop It Top It Corn Review!

I was asked to test and review a new product called “Pop It Top It” which is a candy coated popcorn kit with everything you need included so that you can make it and enjoy it all in one simple process.

My family loved it.  It’s a sweet treat that can be made at home and I am certain it will be a big hit at your house as well.

No need to heat up the stove or oven this kit can all be prepared in your microwave.

Included in the kit are un-popped corn kernels, white chocolate coating and a special Snickerdoodle flavor packet at your fingertips ready to use and enjoy.

Here are some photos of my son making this:

Easy as can be, just pop your corn, melt the chocolate flavoring and add the special Snickerdoodle seasoning packet and you are done.  

Use your imagination and add additional things such as mini pretzels, roasted nuts, dry cereal, the possibilities are endless.

Want a holiday version of Pop It Top It – add colored sugar sprinkles and you have the perfect holiday treat for guests!  

Pop It Top It can be purchased directly from Maggie & Mary’s website at

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  1. This sounds and looks so yummy. I would love to try this for my family. I know they would really like it. Of course we would have to add some other little goodies to it. dwelchert at yahoo dot com

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