Need some extra money? Find out about Market Research Firms in your area.


Most people are unaware that they can make extra money doing round table discussions, product reviews, etc., for local market research firms in their area.  I am fortunate to have one right in my town so I don’t have to travel very far to make some extra money.  Over the years I have been paid as much as $300 for one round table discussion and as little as $50 to test a product.  It’s worth looking into.  I have never had any success with the on-line type firms but if you can find an actual Market Research Firm in your area it’s worth a call.

Look up “Market Research Firms” in your town or state.  Call them and ask if they accept applications for participants in “focus groups” and if so ask to be placed on their list.  They will ask you some personal questions like your age, your spouses age, if you have children, do you have any food allergies, things of that sort so that they can accurately place you in upcoming campaigns.  Clients who request these round table discussions are very specific to the research firm on what demographic they are looking to target so do not be offended by some of the questions they will ask.

Once you have registered with the research firm you will start to get calls about upcoming campaigns.

My husband was paid $300 one year for a 2-hour round table discussion on pool chemicals.  I have done everything from taste testing new varieties of soup to in-home testing of a bar soap.  It’s actually quite fun.

The firm in my town pays cash yes cash on the spot after you have completed the task.  They also feed me lunch or dinner when I go in for a campaign.

I know that Johnson & Johnson and Playtex have their own “research and development” departments that handle this type of in-home research.  I have participated for each company but both are now located too far from my home with the cost of gas it’s just not worth it to me to travel 2 hours to participate.  They also did not pay much money for the tasks.

I do not know of any other companies beside J&J and Playtex and it has been many years since I have kept up with them so I can only tell you to do some research on the internet to see if these companies still handle them in-house.

Good luck and be sure to let me know if you are successful in finding one in your area.

Checkout Plaza Research they are national.  Good luck.



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