Ozeri 360 Oscillating Tower Fan Model OZF5 Review!

Rather than posting some of my own photos I decide to post this professional video produced by Ozeri that shows you exactly how the fan operates and the wonderful features.

I had the pleasure of testing for this review the Ozeri 360 Oscillating Tower Fan. I have reviewed products for Ozeri several times now and I am super impressed with their quality and workmanship. This is a company that takes pride in their products and it shows.

The fan was 95% assembled when we took it out of the box so you don’t have to be a mechanic to set it up and use it immediately upon arrival. The only thing you need to do is install the base of the fan and you are ready to go.  

Some of the great features on this fan are 
the ability to oscillate at 60, 90, 120, or 360 degrees for partial to complete air circulation. It has three whisper quiet speed settings for customized airflow. The osculating feature is a plus to evenly distribute the cool air in any size room. Another great feature is the remote control, keep it next to your bed or TV table for instant access to the controls to lower or increase the air flow. The Ozeri 360 Tower Fan features an 8-hour timer that can be programmed in 30 minute increments, and a multi-colored LCD that displays all fan functions and the room temperature.

I love the portability of the Ozeri 360 Oscillating Tower Fan you can take it from room to room as needed. It only weighs approximately nine (9) pounds. Just unplug the fan and take it wherever it’s needed.

So when considering a new room fan checkout the entire line of Ozeri Oscillating Tower Fans available at Amazon.com!  

Disclosure: I received a sample (as described above) to conduct my review for this blog post.  All opinions stated in this post are truthful and mine alone.  Receiving a sample(s) of this product in no way influenced my opinion in this review. 

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  1. Wow this fan sounds great. I love how light it is and that you can move it from room to room. The 8-hour timer sounds perfect for a good night’s rest too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This sounds perfect !! My fan is terrible and we constantly have to move it during the night to adjust it. I love that it has a timer as well

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