The Perfect Gift – Give Holiday Instant Games from the New Jersey Lottery and make someone a winner!


The Perfect Gift – Give Holiday Instant Games from the New Jersey Lottery and make someone a winner!

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The New Jersey Lottery wants to remind you that lottery tickets are the perfect gift for the holiday season.

Not sure what to get Uncle Charlie or Aunt Sue – consider the holiday themed instant games from the New Jersey Lottery.  Tired of fighting the crowd in the shopping mall or being disappointed that the gift you intended to purchase is no longer in stock.  Buying and giving the gift of New Jersey Lottery’s Holiday Instant games eliminates those hassles.

Imagine the look on their face when the open up this unique and special gift that could potentially make them a large cash winner.

These Holiday themed games are fun, festive, and appropriate for anyone (over the age of 18) as a holiday gesture, stocking stuffer, or party favor.  Instant games offer the wonder of a wrapped gift, the entertainment of a game experience and the potential for a large cash payout!

New Jersey Lottery’s Holiday Instant games are the perfect gift (for anyone over 18 years of age) including nannies, postal carriers, teachers, coaches, hair stylists, coworkers, or anyone you’d like to give a little something or show your appreciation to during the holiday season.

Show them you care with a gift of one of the four New Jersey Lottery Holiday themed games such as $1 Holiday Luck, $2 Holiday Luck Times 10, $5 Jingle Bills, and $10 Cash in a Flash.  An affordable price range for everyone on your gift giving list this year.

No need to pack up heavy packages and stand in line at your local post office to send holiday gifts – with a gift of any of the New Jersey Lottery Holiday themed games you avoid high shipping costs.  Just include them with a holiday card and you’ve finished your holiday shopping. What could be easier?

New Jersey Lottery Instant Holiday Themed Games can be purchased anywhere New Jersey Lottery tickets are sold.  For a list of locations in your area go to click the “retailers” tab in the upper right hand corner and enter your zip code.  That’s all you have to do to find the closest retailer in your area.

And don’t forget about the New Jersey Lottery’s Million Dollar Replay. Million Dollar Replay is the Lottery’s second chance drawing program which allows players to submit their non-winning instant tickets into a yearly drawing for $1,000,000.  For more information on how to enter your non-winning tickets go to

Disclaimer: You must be 18 or older to buy a lottery ticket. The New Jersey Lottery reminds players, it’s only a game…remember to play responsibly. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call 1800-GAMBLER®.  For more information visit New Jersey Lottery


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  1. My husband’s family attaches lottery tickets to their gifts. It’s a great idea and lots of fun, too1

  2. I never would have thought about giving lottery tickets as a gift, but what a fun idea! Thank you for sharing this!

  3. I didn’t think about lottery tickets as gifts. Great idea. I’m in Florida and we have a great lottery system as well.

  4. I’ve done a lottery gift tree as a birthday gift before. Never thought about incorporating them into Christmas! Good idea!

  5. My mother in law use to put lotto tickets in everyone’s stocking BUT if you won she wanted it back smh
    Rest her soul lol

  6. I love giving scratch offs for the holidays! Sometimes I even play a special number for them too! You never know when you may hit big!

  7. I love getting scratch offs in my stocking. Such a fun way to start the morning!! I used to give them in my “secret Santa” gift.

  8. We did this a couple of years ago (from the Parent body) to the Teacher’s and TWO of them won over $500!

  9. I will definitely grab some lotto tickets for relatives gifts. The surprise is the fun!

  10. I love getting lottery tickets as a gift. The excitement of scratching them is like opening a present!

  11. I feel like lottery tickets are the perfect bonus to any present! It’s not expensive to buy and it could potentially let the person win a big sum of money! It’s great! I never thought about lottery tickets as presents before but this year I will definitely utilize this idea!

  12. Lottery tickets are an awesome stocking stuffer or an added gift! We love doing this every year!!

  13. This will be my new Christmas tradition to attach lottery tickets to gifts. You can’t win if you don’t play lol

  14. I love giving AND receiving lottery tickets as gifts. I’ve been putting them in birthday cards, etc. for years. I’ve even won a few bucks when I’ve received them!

  15. I can never win.. HAHA Win I scratch a ticket it tells me to go back into the store and pay more. HAHAH…. I

  16. I love adding a lottery ticket into a Christmas card with my secret santa gift at work. Just that added something

  17. My husband and I gave a small gift and lotto scratch off ticket to all the men in his family one year at their annual Christmas Eve party they were all excited and even though no one won lol

  18. I always include lottery tickets in birthday cards or as stocking stuffers. I have to admit, I love receiving them more!

  19. Good idea, my supervisor used this as a gift last year for secret santa.. I agree to no long lines.

  20. It would have to be several so hopefully one is a winner! Can you take it back if they hit jackpot?! lol J/k! Scratch-offs are always a fun pastime every now and then, and a bonus if you win!

  21. I love the New Jersey holiday instant lottery tickets. I always buy some to give as gifts and to stuff in stockings. My husband always buys me a few for Christmas too.

  22. The idea of giving lottery tickets is always been one of my favorite things to give. I love to receive them myself!!! It’s fun!

  23. We always put tickets in our stockings for Christmas, and Birthday’s. It is always fun to scratch them off with anticipation and excitement of winning big.

  24. I would be pretty happy if I got one as a gift but man if I gave one as a gift and the person won big I would be so jealous!

  25. This is a great idea for the people that touch my children’s lives every day, but yet I don’t want to buy a big gift for. Their school nurse, librarian, and music teacher are people who she wants to thank, but a big gift is not in our budget so this is perfect! I also love your idea to mail them in a holiday card to far away relatives in order to avoid postage! I am definitely doing this!

  26. Sometimes I give my brother in law some for christmas. He seems to enjoy it and one year he won 50 bucks !

  27. I’m giving away the $5 ones this year. Cheaper and easier. If they win I want 10%. Lol. Jk jk.

  28. We always give the gift pack and they have a contest to go with it also.It’s a lot of fun!

  29. It would be wonderful if one of my friends or family members win off of a scratch off ticket. Great gift giving idea!

  30. This is a great idea, I am in NY and would get NY tickets. My husband would love this as a gift.

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