Product Review: Arctic Zero “Chunky”

I had the pleasure of taste testing the new Arctic Zero Chunky flavors recently. Arctic Zero is a brand that I am familiar with, as I buy this product for myself and I have reviewed for them previously. I was introduced to this product a few years ago by my friend Bonny. Bonny knew about my sugar issues (hypoglycemia) and did some research to make sure it was safe for me to consume this product.

When I found out that this tasty treat was available at my local Whole Foods market, it didn’t take long for me to head on over to the market and check out these amazing products. With ingredients like purified water, whey protein concentrate, organic cane sugar, sea salt and monk fruit concentrate, I didn’t hesitate to jump on the chance to eat something sweet that was safe enough for my body to handle. All Arctic Zero products are low glycemic, fat free, certified gluten free, lactose free, nut free, vegetarian and Kosher. They make a variety of pint flavors and the most delicious frozen dessert bars. Each pint has four servings (one-half cup) and one serving is as low as 35 calories (depending on the flavor) and as little as 3 grams of sugar. The chunky varieties have a bit more per serving in the calorie department (75 to be exact), but well worth the extra calories. Any of the Arctic Zero flavors are a low calorie treat and alternative to regular ice cream. Believe me, when you taste these flavors you won’t miss ice cream or the calories that come with it.

With a total of  fifteen flavors to choose from, the new chunky flavors are a great addition to the already amazing line of Arctic Zero products. The new chunky flavors include Buttery Pecan, Key Lime Pie, Cool Mint Chip, Cookie Dough Chip and A Lil’ Bit of Chippy – you’ll have a hard time deciding which is your favorite.

Last year around Thanksgiving, Arctic Zero tempted my taste buds with a limited edition flavor – Pumpkin Spice – which I couldn’t get enough of. I’m hoping that they bring it back again this year because it was to die for.

If you know someone with sugar issues, like myself, you can suggest that they copy the ingredients from any Arctic Zero flavor (found on their website) and bring it to their physician to see if this is a safe alternative to those nasty chemical-laced artificial frozen products. Those things taste nasty and are not safe for your body.

Not sure where to purchase Arctic Zero products? Check the store locator! If all else fails, you can order Arctic Zero from

Be sure to check out all the Arctic Zero products at your local grocer.  You will be hooked on them just like I am.

Disclosure: I received a sample or samples (as described above) to conduct my review for this blog post. All opinions expressed in this post are truthful and mine alone. Receiving a sample or samples of this product in no way influenced my opinion. 
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