Product Review: Chill Zone Nail Polish

Disclosure: I received a sample (as described below) to conduct my review for this blog post.  All opinions stated in this post are truthful and mine alone.  Receiving a sample(s) of this product in no way influenced my opinion in this review. This post may contain affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you.)  Any and all commissions I receive helps me to support my local battered women’s shelter.

As many of you know I am a licensed manicurist and hold an active license in the state of New Jersey. I try to keep current with new products through my trade publications, but this one slipped right by me.

This was my first time trying a Chill Zone product. I was not familiar with this line, so when the kind folks at Chill Zone agreed to send me some samples of their products, I was more than happy to give them a try.

They came beautifully packaged (see photo below). It was a nice surprise to open the box and find that they were packaged with such care.

About the Products

Chill Zone currently makes sixty-nine (69) colors including a french manicure duo available for purchase. With adorable names like A Night With The Girls, Make Me Blush, and Ice Queen, just to name a few, there’s bound to be one or more that you would love to own. The colors are rich and vivid and each color contains an ultra fast drying formula that dries to a glossy shine.

Chill Zone products contain no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP. Chill Zone’s polishes, top coats and base coats are all eco-friendly. These are very important features in a nail product. If your current polish contains any of these cancer-causing agents, it’s time to ditch them and try something new that’s safe for you and the environment.

Premium Top Coat: The first official Chill Zone product. Not a gel, not a polish. The revolutionary formula penetrates deeply to repair and strengthen while bringing out your nails’ natural beauty for a flawless look. Chill Zone’s Premium Top Coat is the best product to give you stronger, longer, beautiful natural nails! Dries in a minute, removes in seconds. Protects against breaking, cracking, splitting, and discoloring until your next polish.

Tip Capper: The tip capper creates a seal around the edge of your nail to further protect your polish from chipping. Make your mani/pedi almost indestructible with this Chill Zone original. This product really excited me. Since I type hours each day the first thing to go on my newly painted nails is always the “free edge” (the tip) of the nail from the constant banging of the keyboard. I am so excited to try this product to see how long it will save my manicure.

So I’ve decided to give the Chill Zone products a good workout this week. I’ve painted my nails with the base coat, two applications of color, the top coat and the tip capper to see how long it lasts. I will demonstrate in the video below.

Chill Zone products are proudly invented and made in the USA.

About the company:

Mike and Victor Homma founded Chill Zone Nails in 2010.  As a chemical engineer and a nail technician, the two brothers make a perfect team in the nail polish business. Victor leads the creative vision while Mike is the mastermind behind the formulas. 

Through trial and error, the Homma brothers mixed several ingredients together to create Chill Zone’s first official product, the Premium Top Coat. The revolutionary topcoat dries in less than two minutes, leaving a high gloss shine that wears like a UV gel. No more soaking your nails in acetone for ten minutes, though. Chill Zone Nails Premium Top Coat outperforms all competing products. You can take it off with ease by using standard nail polish remover.

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