Product Review: Shark Rocket Powerhead Vacuum Model AH452


My long-time readers know I have an ongoing love affair with Shark and Ninja products and this model is no exception. I had the pleasure of reviewing the new Shark Rocket Powerhead Vacuum Model AH452 recently and I love love love it.

This little powerhouse will get the job done without the heavy weight of a full size vacuum. I was amazed at what a great job it did collecting all the dirt and fuzz from the edge against my floor moulding. That is always an issue for other vacuums and requires a few passes to grab what gathers by there (if it grabs it at all) but not with the Rocket Powerhead. One pass and it’s gone.

Please do not laugh at my video.  We had the worst time with Windows Media Player on my computer and we are still learning how to use my new Nikon camera (video feature) so its not my best work.  However that being said I did manage to point out some of my favorite features of the product.

This vacuum also did a fantastic job on my bare floors as it comes with an additional Gentle Touch Hard Floor brushroll.  It’s easy to change the brushroll and comes with an attached compartment to store the additional brushroll for convenience.  No hunting around for the attachments as the additional brushroll is stored on the vacuum.

The Rocket Powerhead weighs only 1 pound in your hands, another great feature for people like me who suffer with joint and or muscle pain in my hands. The entire unit weights 9 pounds (weight without the cord.) The Rocket Powerhead has a headlight to guide you along the way and makes it extremely easy to see those little crumbs that we often miss.  The remarkable 30 foot cord allows you to go far from the electrical source so that you do not have to stop and replug the vacuum to get the job completed. The Rocket Powerhead has a telescoping handle adjusts for your height and retracts for easy storage.  The Hi/Low button and floor selector is easy to reach at your fingertips. The Rocket Powerhead has two floor selections, Low for bare floors (which shuts down the beater bar for bare floors) and Hi for pile carpet. The one touch pop-up feature to empty the dust collection cup is a breeze to operate.  Shark’s advanced steering technology makes the Shark Powerhead incredibly maneuverable between, around, and under furniture. No more moving heaving furniture to get to the dirt on floors or carpets.

The Rocket Powerhead comes with a 5 year warranty (see website for details on warranty), which is amazing since most companies give you as little as 30 days on their vacuums but Shark is so confident in their product that they can offer this warranty with confidence.

This model is no longer available from the Shark website.

Shark received the highest numerical score for upright vacuums in the proprietary J.D. Power 2014 and 2015 Vacuum Satisfaction StudiesSM. 2015 study based on 2,991 total responses measuring 9 brands and measures opinions of consumers who purchased upright vacuums during the previous 12 months. Proprietary study results are based on experiences and perceptions of consumers surveyed in January-February 2015. Your experiences may vary.

Disclosure: I received a sample or samples (as described above) to conduct my review for this blog post. All opinions expressed in this post are truthful and mine alone. Receiving a sample or samples of this product in no way influenced my opinion. 


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