Recipe – Spinach and Beans!

I posted this with a photo on my personal Facebook page the other day and I was flooded with requests for the recipe.

It’s simple and easy one pot meal and it can be used for a side dish or a meal. I serve it with warm crusty bread (to dip) and we love it.  It’s great on those nights when you don’t want to serve a heavy meal.

It’s an old Italian recipe handed down for generations.



Spinach and Beans


You will need frozen spinach (either the boxes or the bags are fine), you can use fresh but it’s so much easier with the frozen.


How much you make depends on your family size.  The spinach will shrink down a bit so it’s better to have left over than not enough.  Just be sure to adjust the recipe for adding more spinach.  My advice is to make it according to the recipe the first time and see how much it actually makes and then if needed you can double it.


What you see in the pot was (4 ) 10 ounce boxes of frozen spinach.


Thaw the spinach in either a wire colander (with a bowl under it to catch that water) or in a bowl with some paper towels you want to get as much of the water out as possible.


In a pot put in about ¼ cup of olive oil on low to medium heat.


Add in garlic to taste, more if you like a stronger taste and less if you like less.


Sauté oil and garlic for about 5 minutes (don’t let garlic burn)


When the oil is infused add in the spinach, cook on low heat for about 15 minutes or whatever the directions on the container calls for cooking the spinach, I honestly just taste it.  You will know when the spinach is cooked by the taste.


(NOTE – you don’t add the beans until the very end or they will dissolve) You just want to heat them up after the spinach is cooked.

Add a can of white or red beans (doesn’t matter I use whatever I have in the house), add in some of the bean liquid about ½ can, and 1 can of water.  You don’t want it too loose but you need some water to help it to continue to cook down.


Add salt (and or peper) to taste.


I don’t use pepper just salt.


Continue cooking for about another 15 minutes stirring it so it doesn’t burn remember there’s not a lot of liquid in the pot.


Serve as a side dish or a meal with some warm crusty bread.


You will love it.


Freezes well too!

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  1. I have never had spinach and beans before and this looks delicious. I have stocked up on a lot of frozen vegetables during this time, including spinach. This would be a nice recipe to make with it.

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