CoCo Joy Coconut Water – my pick for best on the market today!

I have been searching for an alternative liquid to use in my morning smoothie for months, buying and testing everything from coconut water to nut milks. Adding water just didn’t cut it; it made my smoothie watery tasting. Juices add so much sugar and calories that I wasn’t thrilled with those, either. I tried nut milks, but they would mask the taste of the fruit, so that didn’t work. And then I discovered coconut water.  Yes, there are many brands of coconut water on the market today, but I found Coco Joy to be the best tasting of the many that I tested.

There are so many health benefits of drinking coconut water. Some athletes swear by it for hydration. It has fewer calories, less sodium, less sugar, and more potassium than a sports drink. It contains easily digested carbohydrates in the form of natural sugar and electrolytes. CoCo Joy has a delightful sweet, nutty flavor and has added so much flavor to my morning smoothie that I will never go back to using sugary juices ever again.

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Caso Stainless Steel CK-300 Water Kettle Review!

I had the pleasure of reviewing and testing the Caso Stainless Steel Water Kettle today.  We drink ice tea all year around in my house.  Boiling water in a pot for a pitcher of ice tea is a pain so when the folks at Caso offered me this wonderful product to test and review I jumped a the chance.

I received the Model CK-300 to review.  This model holds a little over seven (7) cups of water for use. It has a built in Brita water filter to give you the best possible tasting and cleanest water possible for brewing tea or other beverages.  It has a digital LED temperature display for easy reading. Recommendations for water temperatures for different beverages are suggested in the owners manual and should really be adhered to for best results. The kettle has an auto-shut off feature (which I really liked) not only for safety purposes but it will never burn out the heating element because there is no water in the kettle.  It also has a 30-minute keep warm option built in.  It has a color changing indicator that alerts you to the precise water temperature based on the five (5) pre-settings.

As you can see by the little video I have prepared for you it is convenient and much faster than boiling on the stove which is a great convenience. I will really enjoy having the Caso Stainless Steel Water Kettle in my kitchen and you will too.

To purchase a Caso Stainless Steel Water Kettle (there are several models to choose) check them out at

Disclosure: I received a sample (as described above) to conduct my review for this blog post.  All opinions stated in this post are truthful and mine alone.  Receiving a sample(s) of this product in no way influenced my opinion in this review.


Capresso Perk Model 405.05 Review!

My husband and I love coffee.  We have tried so many coffee makers over the years from drip to press and back again.  Each time something new comes out on the market we purchase it hoping to find the best tasting brew.  My husband is and always has been a perk coffee fan and that is what he prefers to drink.  Our electric peculator is quite old and I’m afraid showing signs that it won’t be with us much longer.  So when I was contacted by the folks at Capresso to test and review their Capresso Perk I was thrilled.  It couldn’t have come at a better time.

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Sunbelt Bakery Granola Bars (Dark Chocolate Chunk and Almond Sweet & Salty) Review

I had the pleasure of reviewing two new granola varieties by Sunbelt Bakeries recently: Dark Chocolate Chunk and Almond Sweet & Salty.  Both were delicious and my family really enjoyed them. We love granola bars for a quick healthy snack.  I carry one in my bag at all times and my husband and son love them in their lunches for work each day.  Sunbelt products are reasonably priced and contain wholesome ingredients with no preservatives.

They make a large variety of bars including fruit and grain bars as well as the two mentioned above.  You can purchase your Sunbelt snacks in local markets, mass market stores, or on Amazon below.

Give them a try you won’t be sorry you did.


Shark Rocket Complete TruePet with DuoClean Technology (Model HV382) Review!

I had the pleasure to review the new Shark Rocket Complete TruePet with DuoClean Technology recently. As you all know by now I am a huge fan of the Shark/Ninja family of products and I continue to love each and every new product that they manufacture. This is a company who cares about it’s customers and continues to make improvements to better our lives.

I don’t know any one that likes to clean, but unless you are fortune enough to have someone or a service come in and clean your house for you, many of us are stuck with the task ourselves. I too clean my own house and with each passing year, as I get older, I dread it more and more. I have a fairly large house and in my younger years I was able to whip through one floor (bi-level home) in one day but now I’m lucky to get through one room a day. For this reason I am always looking for new and innovative products to help make the task easier and faster. Shark has done it again with the Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology.

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Banza Chickpea Pasta Review!

If you have been following me for a while you would know that I have a severe case of hypoglycemia.  I cannot eat many of the foods that others eat on a daily basis such as pasta, potatoes, rice, bread, just about all starches that turn into sugar after your stomach has digested them.  For someone who grew up Italian this is torture for me.  I have had to eliminate almost all of these foods from my diet or anything made with these products completely.  I spend hours in the market and specialty food stores reading ingredients and most times walk out empty handed.

I happen to stumble on a product called Banza. It is a pasta made with chickpea flour instead of the traditional semolina flour that other pasta products are made with. Banza has double the protein, four times the fiber, and nearly half the net carbs. It is also gluten free for those of you who have eliminated gluten from your diet. Since Banza does not turn into sugar like traditional pasta after digestion it would be great for someone who is diabetic as well. You can use Banza in place of your regular brand of pasta and your recipe will turn out just as delicious.

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I had the pleasure of receiving two items from for review recently.  One was a box of beautifully decorated chocolate covered strawberries and the other a gift basket full of breakfast items.

Here is a little video unveiling I have prepared for you.

The strawberries arrived first in a foil pouch with an ice packet to keep them at a certain temperature so that they did not melt.  I thought that was a wonderful idea since I have in the past received perishable items that have spoiled or melted because of the temperature change.  They were fresh and delicious.

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