Save some money when washing delicates no need for special detergents!






Consumer Reports laundry pro Pat Slaven suggests using Palmolive dish detergent to hand wash your dedicates.

We all buy Woolite (myself included) which is five times the price of a bottle of Palmolive dish detergent.

Pat suggests that using a few drops of Palmolive in warm or cold water (be sure to read the washing instructions on your particular garment) to hand wash items like washable knits, etc.

Save yourself some money and give this one a try, I certainly will.

Purchase Palmolive Liquid

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  1. how cool! i never would have known to do this. i use palmolive and i love the smell of it! i’m trying this next time i have delicates to wash!

    • Thank you for suggesting this! We buy Palmolive for our dishes, so that makes it handy for this use as well. 🙂

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