UPDATE LINKS OLD – 10 Best Tips for Saving Money

1) Get rid of that expensive fancy cell phone plan! You are throwing away your hard earned money each month paying for that fancy cell phone plan. I dumped ours years ago because we were paying for minutes that we never used. If you are a big cell phone user then I guess it is worth having the fancy phone and expensive plan but I save a bundle each year using a pay as you go plan like Tracfone, Net10 or Straight Talk! It cost me approximately $110.00 per year per cell phone to have cell phone coverage with the latest smart phone. Tracfone now has a triple minute plan that you can buy and each time you renew your yearly plan you will receive triple minutes. Check out all the many options and plans available at Tracfone, Net10 or Straight Talk! You’d be very surprised what you can get with a pay as you go plan.

2) Buy clothing and shoes off season! I save up to 90% on our clothing and shoes buying off season. That means purchasing what we need (or want) at the end of the season and putting it away for the following year. Styles (even designer brands) do not change that drastically from one year to the next. Buy a size larger for your children. Even if they grow quickly and grow over the size you haven’t invested that much money in the item to get upset over it. I’m certain you will be able to sell that brand new with tags item at a yard sale or to a friend who will be thrilled to obtain that item for their child at such a great price. Some stores like Kohl’s or Kohls.com will accept your returns up to a year or more as long as they still have the tags attached and you have your receipt.

3) Don’t purchase items you really don’t need. Make a list and stick to it when you go food shopping. Think twice before purchasing those pink shoes – exactly how many times will you wear pink shoes? If you absolutely have to have those pink shoes buy them at the end of the season when they will be up to 90% off.

4) Grow a veggie garden! Get together with some friends, family and neighbors and see if they can grow something different so that you can all share in the bounty. We grow tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, melons and lots of herbs each year. Even if you only have the space to grow herbs in pots on your windowsill then do so. Check out the vast selection of seeds and instructional videos that Burpee has to offer on their website. It’s free and a wonderful resource for great deals on seeds and information. Also check YouTube they have so many instructional videos that are posted by people like you and I wanting to share their knowledge and the best part it’s free.

5) Weigh the cost of a repairs vs. new – you would be surprised how much more life you can get out of that washer with a simple repair. If you are handy there is a wealth of information on the internet on how to do your own repairs. If the project looks too overwhelming then don’t tackle it, call a professional but be sure to get an estimate before he starts the work. Don’t trust any of the local professionals? – Join Angie’s List its well worth the small fee you have to pay each year to get the valuable information on her list. My blog followers are thrilled with their memberships to Angie’s List for peace of mind in knowing that no one can pay to be on Angie’s List but they have to earn their reputation on the list with A+ rating from people like you and I.

6) Use Coupons – people tell me all the time that coupons are a waste of time.  Well I am here to tell you that it is not true.  I save up to $10,000 a year on my grocery bill using manufacturer cents off coupons each week. This enables me to give most of what I save to local charities that I support. Combine stores coupons and manufacturer coupons for double your savings.  If you have time visit several stores and match up your coupons with the sales.  If you only have time to go to one store, pick the store that has greatest savings.  Still can’t figure out the coupon game then contact me.  I give private one-on-one lessons in person (if you are in my area) or via Skype.  My students tell me that they recoup my small fee within one or two shopping trips after taking my course.  Read what my former students have to say about my course here!

7) Research Insurance Coverage – Most people stay with the same insurance company for years and never think to check for better rates.  I check with other insurance companies for car and home every two years to see if we can save money.  Make sure you compare the exact coverage you have now or it’s not a bargain.  You want similar coverage at a better rate than you are paying now.  Keep in mind the higher your deductible the better your rate will be.  We chose $500 deductibles on all our cars and home owners policies to keep the rate down. Always ask about any discounts that may be available with each company such as good driver discount, alarm system on your house, sump pumps in your basement, good student discount (your child is on the honor roll), multiple car discount and multiple policy (combine home and auto) discounts.  They all add up to a much bigger savings for you.

8) Never Pay Cash – I always tell me students never pay cash for products or services if you can pay with a credit card. Depending on the type of card you choose you can earn frequently flyer miles or points towards gift cards or cash back.  The bonus is if you buy or pay with your credit card and something goes wrong you have the added protection and security of your credit card company going to battle for you.  They have the ability to investigate fraud or a botched service and if your can provide sufficient evidence to the credit card company they will “charge back” the cost and you will not be responsible to pay for the product or service.  You must dispute the charge and contact your credit card company immediately for their help in resolving the dispute.  Each credit card company has their own limitations so be sure to read the fine print and ask questions they are there to help you.

9) Don’t be afraid to complain – I watched in horror as my mother threw away thousand of dollars in spoiled food when I was a child because she was too embarrassed to return it to the store.  Those days are over as the cost of living is way too expensive to throw away good food in the trash.  If you are too embarrassed to take it back to the store there is another solution.  With the exception of fresh meat each product has a toll free number on the package to contact that company.  Pick up the phone and call the manufacturer and tell them you are not happy with the condition of the food that you received.  They don’t want to lose a customer over one bad experience.  They know a happy customer is a loyal customer so they will try their best to satisfy you with an item to replace what you lost.  I have called hundreds of times over the past 40 years (that I have been married) and complained about the quality of food or merchandise.  I can tell you 99.9% not only do they replace the spoiled food but they will give you something extra for your inconvenience.

10) Warranties are not always what they seem – Just because the warranty on your new appliance states 90 days doesn’t always mean it is firm.  If you have had repeated service on the item during that 90 day you should be able to get service past the 90 days or a new item even though the written warranty is over.  Some credit cards will extend your manufacturer’s warranty as well so check the fine print in your major credit card agreement or give them a call.  If you don’t have extended coverage through your credit card then call the manufacture and be firm.  Tell them that the item has had issues and has been services several times during the 90 day warranty period and you feel the warranty should be extended or demand a new item.  Speak up don’t be afraid to defend your position just be professional on the phone.  If you are not getting anywhere with the customer service representative ask to speak with a supervisor.

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  1. I usually don’t think that I’ll learn something new from a save money list (long time living poor/frugally) but thank you for the tip on calling the manufacturer for spoiled food! It just never occurred to me and I tend to forget to bring the food back to the store the next time I go. Great tip!

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