Sentry Call Block II – best investment I’ve ever made!


I was getting up to 20 robo and soliciting calls a day – yes a day.  I couldn’t take it so I asked my son to find something to block the calls.  We have Verizon for our home phone service and they do have a feature that will allow you to block up to 10 telephone numbers but as soon as I would put them on 10 more would start calling. If I took one number off the list to put another one on that other number would start calling again – I was at my whits end.  Couldn’t get a thing done all I did was answer the phone to those annoying recorded telemarketing calls.

My son found this amazing product – Sentry Call Block (new version is out now) II – worth it’s weight in gold.  It has completely eliminated all the annoying telemarketing calls.  I think every home should have one.

Listed below are two different models.  I have the $39.99 one but the new one has some really neat improvements that may just make me buy the new model.

I wouldn’t go a day without this product.  I did not receive this item for free I purchased it with my own money.


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