Sparse brows no need for microblading with this product!

I had microblading done on my brows last July.  The aesthetician who did my procedure told me that the process would last up to 18 months but depending on many factors (skin type, how quickly your skin exfoliates on its own, products you use on your face) it could be sooner. Microblading is expensive and is an uncomfortable procedure.

If microblading is not for you I seriously suggest you try this product.  I love love love it.  My brows are starting to fade now and I use this product to create small hair-like strokes on my brows.  For $10 it’s well worth the investment.  The product will last 24-48 hours (at least it does for me) on your brows.  It’s waterproof and creates a nature a look unlike many other products on the market.  Try to get the color that best matches your natural brow color even if you have to select two colors.  This company is the only one that I could find who makes a Black/Brown which is perfect for me.

Microblading Pens only $9.99



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