Spotlight: Women Business Owners – Sassy By Mila Custom Tee Shirts


Spotlight: Women Business Owners – Sassy By Mila Custom Tee Shirts (owner Ashley Monique Medina)

I came across Sassy By Mila Custom Tee Shirts (owner Ashley Monique Medina) in one of my Facebook groups.  I loved her work so much I decided order a tee shirt for myself.  When the tee arrived I was so pleased with her work that I decided to do a review on her products and services.

I love to spotlight women in business and giving them exposure like this helps them build a relationship with potential and existing customers.  I don’t advertise for just anyone.  Most of you know that I checkout throughly

After I received my tee I asked Ashley if she could make some custom pieces for my son and grandson for Father’s Day – she didn’t hesitate to accommodate my request.  I was so excited to know that she could take my idea and turn it into a special gift for my son’s first father’s day.

Here are the adorable shirts that Ashley made for my son and his son and my husband for Father’s Day.  Both my husband and son are HUGE Ford truck people so the “Built Dad Tough” (like the Ford slogan “Built Ford Tough”) will be a huge hit in my house.  My son is a huge gamer, has been since he was a teen.  I knew he would get a kick out of the father and son “Player” shirts.

Ashley will customize a shirt to your specifications. Her personal designs are unique and she comes up with new ones every week.

See one of Ashley’s designs that you like but just want to change it a bit – contact Ashley she can customize it to your liking.

Ashley’s tees are unlike others you may have seen being offered out there today that utilize the Circut process of cutting vinyl letter and ironing them on.  Ashley uses a actual ink process which is embedded into the fabric and won’t come off like those Circut vinyl pieces.

Checkout this neat video of Ashley’s work in progress!

Ashley’s tees are well made and with proper care will last you years of enjoyment.

You can see all of Ashley’s current designs by joining her Facebook page Sassy by Mila here! Here is where you will find all the latest designs available but remember she can do any design you need.

Although Ashley is in the process of setting up her Etsy shop you can see some of her designs here at Sassy By Mila on Etsy

Turn around time for ordering is 3 days from start to shipping!  Of course this could possibly be affected by a holiday and the number of orders she receives but she does try her best to get them out in 3 days.

About Ashley:

I have a shop called Studio 478 located in a small city that is on the borderline of New Mexico and Texas. I have been in business for two years. My shop is a family run business with my brother and I as the owners. I am the older sister and my brother and I have always been close so we decided to start screen printing when I had my first son. I would look around for custom shirts for our gender reveal or baby shower or other events and I thought they were too pricey, so I decided to do them myself!!! So I did. And I make all of them with love. I love making shirts. I love making them custom or adding a little glitter or gold or shine (something the client didn’t think of) to make it more special. And then the reward is seeing their face light up. When I decided to open my shop I wanted my product to be excellent quality but at the best possible price. Kids from the high school stop our shop to customize their senior shirts, homecoming, or sports shirts for themselves, their family, or as a gift for their boyfriends and girlfriends and they are excited they can afford it.

I try to give back to the community as well.  A high school student with straight A’s, well known in the community, did community service, well mannered, and an all star baseball player, was killed by a drunk driver. He was walking to his car and the young man hit him and took off. The community was devastated. My shop donated shirts to the JV and Varsity team in honor of him and we screen printed shirts in his memory donating half the proceeds to his parents. We raised over $4,000 for them.

Sassy By Mila came along when I had my second child, Mila, my princess. I decided I wanted to branch off and make some designs for my daughter as well as hopefully appeal to other mom’s for their kids. I decided to make custom high end type shirts with cute designs and sassy shirts that people find funny or show their personality.


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