STOP Buying that expensive Washing Machine Cleaner!



Stop buying that expensive washing machine cleaner.  I just had the repairman here at my house who informed me that you can use vinegar (and it actually works better) than those expensive washing machine cleaners they recommend you do once a month in your new high efficiency washer.  He told me to use a few cups of vinegar and run the “machine clean” cycle twice a month.  Depending on the number of loads the recommendation of “once a month” in your owners manual is not enough.  I have three adults in my house and I do laundry once a week he told me to do this twice a month or more.  He said the number one problem they find after five years is the drum is gunked up with detergent and destroys the washer.  There is no phosphates in our laundry anymore so it does not breakdown like the old type detergents.

So save yourself a lot of cash and buy a large bottle of vinegar at the dollar store and clean your drum!

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