The perfect coupon carrier/tote!


Over the years I have tried every way to carry my coupons in an organized manner but it always winds up a big mess in my handbag. I have purchased the coupon box, the binder method, the envelope method and nothing works. I even tried the pencil case method and that is what I currently used until I found this tote.

I have been looking for years to find just the right size and type of tote that would allow me to keep them all together and in categories.  I happened upon this lunch tote (yes it’s a lunch tote) and couldn’t believe my luck – finally the right size, the right shape and easy to tote around.


Now my dilemma is finding more of these plastic inserts from Dollar Tree.  My stores do not have them anymore and I’ve been to several but I do need a few more to complete my goal of having one for each store that I shop at from time to time.

If you are looking for the perfect tote then you just found it —–> click here to purchase yours it comes in a few different fabric patterns.  It’s coated with vinyl inside for easy clean up too.  Unfortunately it doesn’t look like my pattern is available anymore but the others are just as cute.  Pick one!  It’s well constructed and I think I will have this for many years to come.

I carry a pair of child’s scissors, a pen, and a small notepad inside as well as my individual coupons envelopes.


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  1. I love this! Right now I have a coupon binder that I’ve used for years but I love this more as it’s less cumbersome and looks easier to carry!

  2. These are so cute. I would love to get a couple for my grandchildren. They would be great for when the kids go on field trips for school.

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