Warning – fake links with the extension .XYZ can destroy your computer.


WARNING WARNING WARNING – there has been a rash of FAKE offers being posted on all coupon type groups.  These are offers for outrageous gift card amounts from stores like Kohls, Macy’s, etc. and posts for free offers of anything from Movie Tickets to Jewelry.  Anything with the extension XYZ (www.fakeaddress.xyz) at the end of the link is FAKE FAKE FAKE.  It’s a virus that can extract personal info you store on your computer.  PLEASE do not click on anything with the extension XYZ or you will get burned.  Keep this bumped for all to see.

Here is an article that will explain what this virus can do to your computer – here!

NOTE – I am not advocating buying this program.  I just wanted to alert you all to this virus and how to avoid getting it.  This is just an article I found on the web.  I do not know this person nor do I promote his program.  If you think you have this virus I suggest you consult a computer expert for removal.  It’s not as simple to remove as it may seem.  

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