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work-at-home-opportunitiesThis is an article written by one of my followers, Sam.  I hope it helps someone looking for legitimate work-at-home opportunities.

One of the companies I work for is called; I started with them in 2010.  I had to pay $19.00 for a background check, but that was the only initial investment for this company.  They pay you on the 1st and 15th of every month.  What you do is answer incoming calls for the infomercials you see on TV and place orders for customers.  Very easy job; you just have to have a dedicated telephone line (an additional telephone number) and Windows computer.  The calls are routed through the computer.

Another company I work for is; they are a bit different from liveops. Your initial investment would be from free to $19.99, depending whether you sign up at the time of a promotion. You just have to keep checking their website to see if the classes are free.  When that’s done and you pass the initial certification class (which is really easy), you will have to decide if you want to become your own LLC or sign up under someone that’s already established.  Then you choose a client you want to work for.  There are plenty of fortune 500 companies you can choose from: Apple Computers, Walgreens, Sears, Carnival Cruise, AT&T, Intuit and many more.  Then you have to pay to take the instructional class to get certified with the client.  This class can cost anything from $20 to $100, depending on what client you choose.  It’s a one-time fee and after certification you start working; the pay is hourly, $8-13 per hour depending on the client.

I found these jobs on you can find plenty of legitimate jobs on there.  The jobs on this site have been tested and are proven, legit paying jobs.


This is the latest installment of legit work at home opportunities (9/2017)

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