XtremepowerUS Portable Washing Machine and Spinning Machine Review

#miniwasher – The Xtremepower Portable Washing Machine is something I would recommend to anyone who lives in an apartment or dorm room for a small load of wash. You need to take the items from the washer portion and place them into the spinning cycle separately. It will not spin all of the clothing at one time. The washer has a 9lb capacity and the spinning cycle can only handle about 3lb capacity so it takes a little time to get it all completed. However, if you cannot get to a public laundromat and need a way to clean your clothing in a situation that does not allow a full size washer this would be perfect. Obviously you would have to line dry your clothing this is not a dryer, just a washer.

I am going to use it for washing items that I would prefer not to place in my large washer such as cleaning rags that have chemicals on them from washing our cars, and household chemicals for just all over cleaning my home. I have always been a little apprehensive about putting them into the washer as I am sure there is residue left from the chemicals when I do wash them in our larger capacity washing machine. This product would also be great for doing your delicate personal undergarments. The unit is the size of a clothes hamper. That was a surprise as I was expecting something a little smaller but it doesn’t take up much room. You should be able to store it in a closet if necessary.

For demonstration and testing purposes I washed undergarments (panties, thermal underwear, etc.) and I have to admit it did an excellent job.  Now you all know me I would never say it did an “excellent” job if it didn’t!  I was very impressed with the performance of the washer and the spin cycle.  I didn’t do the full spin cycle but if I had I think the clothing would have been almost completely dry.  The little bit of time I did spin the clothing they were 75% dry.  It really did do an amazing job much to my surprise.

The only con I could find about this unit is the fact that the connector hose (to fill the unit) does not work for our type of faucets.  There may be some type of converter kit but we were not able to find anything at the local hardware store or Home Depot.  My husband is a master plumber and he would know exactly what to use but this is something I am going to recommend the company improve upon.  That being said Customer Service for this company through Amazon was exceptional.  They responded promptly to all of my questions.  They recommended that we fill the washer with buckets of water.  That worked well and there are indicator lines in the tub portion that tell you exactly where to fill the water level for a small, medium and full capacity load.

I think it did an excellent job of cleaning the clothes.  The agitator goes back and forth during the entire cycle to get the clothes clean.  I used a small amount of laundry detergent for an HE washer to ensure very little suds.  I would recommend you do the same.  The extractor button worked well.  There is a second hose attached to the washer that is specifically for extracting the wash water.  I put the washer into my stall shower (as you can see from the video) just in case of any leakage.  I recommend you do the same (in a tub, stall shower or outside) but since it is freezing outside today I didn’t want to chance doing it outside and damaging the unit.  The unit had rubber feet so you do not have to worry about scratching your tub.

I would give the Xtremepower Portable Washing Machine five stars out of five! Just know it takes a little extra effort with this unit to get the job done.

Disclosure: I received a sample or samples (as described above) to conduct my review for this blog post. All opinions expressed in this post are truthful and mine alone. Receiving a sample or samples of this product in no way influenced my opinion. 
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