Your Social Security Benefits – have you checked lately?

I recently had the need to get my earnings report from the Social Security Administration. Sounds easy, right? Think again. It’s more aggravation than you can imagine, but I was determined to get what I needed. You can no longer request a report from the Social Security Administration without having to pay a whopping $136 for a detailed report (see the request form here).

I tried for days, holding on the Social Security telephone line for as long as 1.5 hours, trying to get a representative on the phone to assist me and answer my questions. When I finally got a rep, she told me to go to and follow the instructions on how to access and print my report. Took some doing, but I finally found the information on how you can print it yourself online. Get the instructions on how to do so here.

You have every right to get an up-to-date earnings report on what your employers over the years have contributed toward your Social Security retirement benefit. I suggest that everyone do this once a year if you are still working and at least once if you have stopped working so that you can check the contributions against your actual earnings for the years you worked.

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